LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 22 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Receives at one's roof garden: HASUP

6 "Shoot!": DARN

10 Bounces on the waves: BOBS

14 Food safety concern: ECOLI

15 Miracle Mets outfielder Tommie: AGEE

16 Bell town in a Longfellow poem: ATRI

17 Car engine part: CRANKSHAFT

19 Like racehorses: SHOD

20 __ Bora: Afghan region: TORA

21 Roman 151: CLI

22 Prolonged assault: SIEGE

23 U.K. honor: OBE

24 "Tell me about it": JOINTHECLUB

27 Numbers to crunch: RAWDATA

29 Veer off course: YAW

30 Poe's "Annabel __": LEE

31 Stately horse: STEED

32 Orbit segment: ARC

33 Alpha-Bits cereal maker: POST

34 Custodian: CARETAKER

38 Talk show host Cavett: DICK

41 Zamboni surface: ICE

42 Stretches out for a bit: RESTS

46 Bat wood: ASH

47 Aromatic garland: LEI

48 Bob Cratchit's son: TINYTIM

50 Lonely Planet publication, e.g.: TRAVELGUIDE

53 Zodiac feline: LEO

54 Relaxed: EASED

55 Salem-to-Portland dir.: NNE

56 Gardener's bagful: SOIL

57 Outdo: BEST

58 Temporary fix, or what's found in this puzzle's circles: WORKAROUND

61 Came to rest: ALIT

62 First name in stunts: EVEL

63 Superachievers: ELITE

64 Get out of bed: RISE

65 Obsolete demo medium: TAPE

66 Cap bill: VISOR


1 Strong-arms: HECTORS

2 Cirque du Soleil performer: ACROBAT

3 "Us, too": SOAREWE

4 Radius neighbor: ULNA

5 Dental suffix with Water: PIK

6 Mexico's national flower: DAHLIA

7 From the top: AGAIN

8 Sports replay reviewer: REF

9 After-tax: NET

10 Not advanced: BASIC

11 The lord in "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy!": OTHELLO

12 Irish accents: BROGUES

13 Extra gambling action: SIDEBET

18 Highlander: SCOT

22 Clinch, with "up": SEW

24 "Gotham" actress __ Pinkett Smith: JADA

25 Supermodel Banks: TYRA

26 Access illegally, as a computer: HACK

28 Swabbing site: DECK

32 Tucked away: ATE

33 One being hunted: PREY

35 Cambodian currency: RIEL

36 Vaping product, briefly: ECIG

37 Sea eagle: ERNE

38 Baked snack with dried fruit: DATEBAR

39 Lod native: ISRAELI

40 Car's supporting frame: CHASSIS

43 Midwest city named for a French king: STLOUIS

44 Connect with: TIEINTO

45 Do a slow burn: SMOLDER

47 Took charge of: LED

48 Wind chime sound: TINKLE

49 Creative spark: IDEA

51 Sporty Chevy: VETTE

52 Gen. Assembly member: UNREP

56 ƒtudes, e.g.: SOLI

58 Not just damp: WET

59 In vitro supply: OVA

60 Race in the driveway: REV

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