LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 22 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 22 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 22 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Timely blessing: BOON

5 Rounds before the finals, for short: SEMIS

10 Farm yield: CROP

14 Kudos at a poetry slam: SNAPS

19 Batgirl garment: CAPE

20 Glazer of "Broad City": ILANA

21 Chicago MLS team: FIRE

22 __ noir: PINOT

23 Meditate (on): CHEW

24 Shout to an FBI agent investigating the wrong fellow? DONTPROBETHATGUY

27 Cherry-topped dish: SUNDAE

29 Travel pillow spot: NAPE

30 Meh: SOSO

31 "Now, where __ we?": WERE

32 Taco topping: SALSA

34 Long who plays Steve on "PEN15": CHAU

36 Helps: AVAILS

38 "The polygraph is rigged!," e.g.? LIEDETECTORPROTEST

43 NAACP co-founder __ B. Wells: IDA

44 Informal meeting? SESH

45 Piggy bank opening: SLOT

46 Sound like autumn leaves: RUSTLE

50 "We should!": LETS

52 "What's your __?": POINT

55 Smidgen: IOTA

57 "Broken Arrow" director John: WOO

58 Fertile desert spot: OASIS

60 "RuPaul's Drag Race" prize money? PROFITFORAQUEEN

65 __ Gatos, California: LOS

67 London stroller: PRAM

68 Planet __: gym chain: FITNESS

69 Intro to typing? STEREO

72 "Get __ of this!": ALOAD

75 Suit bottoms: SKIRTS

76 At an angle: SLANTED

77 Sheet of ice: FLOE

79 Maker of Calling All Goddesses! nail polish: OPI

80 Like philosophers who can't find their way home? LOSTANDPROFOUND

85 Fern-to-be: SPORE

89 Spot-on: APT

90 BBQ side: SLAW

91 Trauma specialist, for short: ERDOC

93 Fed. power dept.: ENER

94 Past: BEYOND

98 Airbnb alternatives: INNS

100 Scent: ODOR

102 Former quarterback Manning: ELI

103 Hype that just goes on and on and on? PERPETUALPROMOTION

108 Word with high or tech: SCHOOL

110 __ bargain: PLEA

111 Penélope Cruz's birthplace: SPAIN

112 Dull pain: ACHE

113 Fingers-crossed thought: WISH

116 Ice cream brand: EDYS

118 Database systems giant: ORACLE

121 Put off fulfilling a campaign promise? PROLONGTERMGOALS

125 Churn up: ROIL

126 Chilling: EERIE

127 33-Down animal who loses because of a nap: HARE

128 "Four Quartets" poet: ELIOT

129 Clock toggle: AMPM

130 Use foul language: SWEAR

131 Ensnare: TRAP

132 Flavors, in a way: SALTS

133 Large bodies of water: SEAS


1 Quietly keeps in the loop: BCCS

2 Waimea Bay island: OAHU

3 Available options when booking a flight: OPENSEATS

4 Pop up a lot? NEWDAD


6 "Xanadu" gp.: ELO

7 Leslie of "This Is 40": MANN

8 Whole: INTACT

9 Lyric poet of Lesbos: SAPPHO

10 Corp. money exec: CFO

11 Messy barbecue fare: RIBS

12 Cookie used as a froyo topping: OREO

13 Took care of a boxer? PETSAT

14 Mud bath venue: SPA

15 Birdbrains: NITWITS

16 __ hair pasta: ANGEL

17 Decants: POURS

18 Eye ailment: STYE

25 Brings up: REARS

26 Emulate a drone: HOVER

28 Sudsy mugfuls: ALES

33 Storyteller whose tales usually feature talking animals: AESOP

35 Illuminated from below: UPLIT

37 Tempe sch.: ASU

38 Stitch's human companion: LILO

39 Brainchild: IDEA

40 Cricket sound: CHIRP

41 Place for solar panels: ROOF

42 Cleveland Browns great __ Graham: OTTO

47 Twitter message: TWEET

48 Fine-grained soil: LOESS

49 Many ages: EONS

51 Like some partners: SILENT

53 "Julie & Julia" writer/director Ephron: NORA

54 Cookware brand: TFAL

56 Kennel racket: ARFS

59 Kinda: SORTA

61 "Later!": IMOFF

62 "Chilombo" Grammy nominee Jhené __: AIKO

63 Cotton swabs: QTIPS

64 Not ready to eat: UNRIPE

66 Not hidden: SEEN

69 Ski resort feature: SLOPE

70 Yummy: TASTY

71 Chances: ODDS

73 Body cream additive: ALOE

74 Gloomy: DOUR

76 Big chunk: SLAB

78 Forest moon that's home to the Ewoks: ENDOR

81 Ballet move: PLIE

82 Sound off: RANT

83 Admit (to): OWNUP

84 Extinct Mauritian birds: DODOS

86 Like a family with a stay-at-home dad: ONEINCOME

87 Move for one's co., say: RELO

88 "The Night Circus" novelist Morgenstern: ERIN

92 Handles food waste ecologically: COMPOSTS

95 Sister of Laertes: OPHELIA

96 Opposite of paleo-: NEO

97 Flood with chocolate syrup, say: DROWN

99 "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" cat: SALEM

101 T. rex's "I'm going to eat you!": ROAR

104 Predicament: PLIGHT

105 Rocky projections: LEDGES

106 Bribe for airtime: PAYOLA

107 Glittery accessories: TIARAS

108 Carpentry fastener: SCREW

109 Job jar assignment: CHORE

112 Copies: APES

114 Take the lead? STAR

115 Youngest daughter of Cronus: HERA

117 Breeze (through): SAIL

119 "Future Nostalgia" singer Dua __: LIPA

120 Stately trees: ELMS

122 Atop, poetically: OER

123 Gym unit: REP

124 Movie filming site: LOT

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