LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 22 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Took a powder: LEFT

5 Wake-up call alternative: ALARM

10 Real estate ad abbr. after 2 or 3, commonly: BDRM

14 Golfer Aoki: ISAO

15 Blender button: PUREE

16 "Wonderfilled" cookie: OREO

17 One of a daily three at the table: SQUAREMEAL

19 __ colada: cocktail: PINA

20 Heart rate: PULSE

21 Tempo: PACE

22 Tar Heel State university: ELON

23 Hunting dog: SETTER

25 Israeli currency: SHEKEL

27 __ out a living: EKES

29 Fiber-__ cable: OPTIC

32 Temperate: MILD

35 Jinx: HOODOO

39 Tokyo, long ago: EDO

40 Drink cooler: ICE

41 Ten-spot: SAWBUCK

42 Ga. neighbor: ALA

43 Voting mo.: NOV

44 Ditching class, say: ABSENT

45 Visa rival, for short: AMEX

46 Mournful toll: KNELL

48 Former OTC market regulator: NASD

50 Trendy, with "the": LATEST

54 NFL team that moved from St. Louis in 2016: LARAMS

58 Perfume that sounds forbidden: TABU

60 Foes of us: THEM

62 "The Bourne Identity" star Matt: DAMON

63 Universal donor's blood type, briefly: ONEG

64 Reality show hosted by rapper M.C.: HAMMERTIME

66 "Golly!": GOSH

67 Suggest: IMPLY

68 Salinger title girl: ESME

69 Aardvark fare: ANTS

70 Affectionate nickname: CUTIE

71 __-Pei: wrinkly dog: SHAR


1 Talks like Sylvester: LISPS

2 Suffix with arab: ESQUE

3 San Andreas __: FAULT

4 Like much breakfast bread: TOASTED

5 Jungle chest-beater: APE

6 Sugar cube: LUMP

7 Real estate calculations: AREAS

8 Gunslinger's "Hands up!": REACH

9 Brawl: MELEE

10 Girl with a missing flock: BOPEEP

11 Military marching unit: DRILLTEAM

12 Gambling town northeast of Sacramento: RENO

13 Sound of pain: MOAN

18 Smell bad: REEK

24 Halfway house activity: REHAB

26 Oddball: KOOK

28 Spreads, as seeds: SOWS

30 Sitting around doing nothing: IDLE

31 Win over gently: COAX

32 Luxurious fur: MINK

33 Twitter's bird, e.g.: ICON

34 Utmost effort: LEVELBEST

36 Brit. honor: OBE

37 Brooks' country music partner: DUNN

38 In base eight: OCTAL

41 Fries sprinkling: SALT

45 Costs for sponsors: ADRATES

47 Guffaws or giggles: LAUGHS

49 Iraq's __ City: SADR

51 Code of conduct: ETHIC

52 SeaWorld orca: SHAMU

53 Entice: TEMPT

55 Horse-and-buggy-driving sect: AMISH

56 Mother's nickname: MOMMA

57 Lip-curling look: SNEER

58 Frat party robe: TOGA

59 Very shortly, to Shakespeare: ANON

61 Mid-21st century date: MMLI

65 Cornea's place: EYE

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