LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 22 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 22 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 22 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Respectfully tip: DOFF

5 Shopper's delight: SALE

9 Four-time NFL Pro Bowl safety __ Chancellor: KAM

12 Computer addresses: Abbr.: IPS

15 Newscaster Lindström: PIA

18 Garfield's foil: ODIE

19 Elemental bit: ATOM

20 Street in Montréal: RUE

21 Farm equipment: SEEDERS

23 Headline announcing Thomas Kingsford's 1842 process? ASTARCHISBORN

26 Peak in Exod.: MTSINAI

27 Speeds: RACES

28 Poet's "in a trice": ANON

29 Secret supplies: STASHES

30 English cheese town: STILTON

33 Ovid work: AMORES

35 The Beatles' "__ Loser": IMA

36 Gimlet garnish: LIME

37 Breakfast product made from trees? ALLBRANCHCEREAL

43 "Hold your horses!": INASEC

46 Approx. landing time: ETA

47 Carnival city: RIO

48 Mid-12th-century date: MCLI

49 Place for the good guys? MENSCHROOM

51 Tissue swellings: EDEMAS

54 Medical suffix: OMA

55 Little laughs: HEES

56 From the top: ANEW

57 Ancient German: TEUTON

59 Eye layer: SCLERA

62 Fast-food franchise started in Rocky Mount, NC: HARDEES

65 Do penance: ATONE


69 Pants fabric: CHINO

70 Tops that bare arms and midriffs: HALTERS

71 Bites: NOSHES

72 __ vinegar: OILAND

74 Secluded valley: GLEN

75 Lad in Limerick: BOYO

76 MD's request: MRI

77 Field and Ride: SALLYS

79 Apex predator at the feeder? SHARKFINCH

85 Gets steamed: IRES

87 Golfer's concern: LIE

88 Part of a split: PIN

89 Worth remembering: OFNOTE

90 Literary slugger making cookies? CASEYATTHEBATCH

96 Email button: SEND

97 Soong __-ling: Madame Chiang: MEI

98 All but one of the balls in 9-Ball: SOLIDS

99 D.C.'s __ Row: EMBASSY

102 Composer Saint-Saëns: CAMILLE

106 Lift one's spirits? TOPE

107 Bike part: CHAIN

108 Low-tech traveler's reference: USATLAS

109 What keeps the church singers healthy? CHORALHYGIENE

114 Puts on a pedestal: ESTEEMS

115 Give a leg up: AID

116 Legal claim: LIEN

117 Promo on the tube: TVAD

118 Sault __ Marie: STE

119 2000 Peace Prize recipient Kim __-jung: DAE

120 Apt. listing abbr.: RMS

121 Pain in the neck, e.g.: ACHE

122 Evergreen shrubs: YEWS


1 __ double take: DOA

2 Consumes to excess, briefly: ODS

3 It's thrown in anger: FIT

4 Courageous: FEARLESS

5 Vanzetti's partner: SACCO

6 Greek goddess of wisdom: ATHENA

7 Daily Planet name: LOIS

8 Ambulance initials: EMS

9 Swedish monetary units: KRONOR

10 Second-largest Illinois city: AURORA

11 Skin Bracer maker: MENNEN

12 Beliefs: ISMS

13 Ruffled-edge underskirt: PETTICOAT

14 Kind of oil used in hummus: SESAME

15 Phnom __: PENH

16 Wrath, in a hymn: IRAE

17 5-Across alert: ASIS

22 Win over: DISARM

24 Informer: RAT

25 __ Bigelow, echoically nicknamed 20th-century wrestler: BAMBAM

30 Remote: SLIM

31 Spork prong: TINE

32 Somali-born supermodel: IMAN

33 Voice above tenor: ALTO

34 Attached with spiral hardware: SCREWED

38 Many August births: LEOS

39 That guy: HIM

40 Transition area between plant communities: ECOTONE

41 Nuts that put the joy in candy bars? ALMONDS

42 Former NPR host Hansen: LIANE

44 Levels of authority: ECHELONS

45 "SNL" alumna Oteri: CHERI

50 Get to: REACH

51 Home of the Ewoks: ENDOR

52 Cook Paula et al.: DEENS

53 Closes securely: SEALSOFF

56 Half-elf married to Aragorn: ARWEN

58 Home of Canyonlands National Park: UTAH

59 Astronaut Wally: SCHIRRA

60 Habaneros and jalapeños: CHILIES

61 Turner on a screen: LANA

62 Like sledding terrain: HILLY

63 Feeds the pot: ANTES

64 Tijuana mister: SENOR

67 Aerie newcomers: EAGLETS

68 Pulitzer-winning Chicago journalist Mike: ROYKO

69 Demetri Martin, e.g.: COMIC

73 Exiled religious leader: DALAILAMA

75 Judge's seat: BANC

78 Ignited: LIT

79 "The Blacklist" star: SPADER

80 Top numbers: HITS

81 Extreme foolishness: INSANITY

82 Negatives: NOES

83 UPS boxes: CTNS

84 Actress Lamarr: HEDY

86 Arab or Hebrew: SEMITE

91 Showed anger, perhaps: YELLED

92 Wheels involved in a crime, maybe: HOTCAR

93 Hebrew God: ELOHIM

94 Two-legged supports: BIPODS

95 Conniving laugh: HEHHEH

100 ESPN journalist Kenny: MAYNE

101 Trending: BIG

102 Lines before yours, say: CUES

103 Admin. aide: ASST

104 Pal: MATE

105 Latin 101 verb: ESSE

107 __ Stic: retractable Bic pen: CLIC

110 In the manner of: ALA

111 Night before the big day: EVE

112 Rural regrets: NAW

113 Magazine VIPs: EDS

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