LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 22 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Rose of rock: AXL

4 Incidental catches by South Pacific tuna fishermen: OPAHS

9 Mall Santa, probably: TEMP

13 Endodontic therapy: ROOTCANAL

15 "Finding Dory" studio: PIXAR

16 Reject: PUSHASIDE

17 As expected: ONCUE

18 Roundup group: STEERS

19 When the French fry? ETE

21 Terrible's two: ARS

22 Presented an invention? LIED

24 Compared with: VISAVIS

26 Canada's highest peak: LOGAN

29 Turning point? USEBYDATE

31 World leader whose name shares its last four letters with a state: OBAMA

32 Together: SANE

33 "South Park" kid: STAN

34 Station that employed Lou Grant: WJM

35 WWI hero portrayed by Gary Cooper: SGTYORK

38 Bond yield: Abbr.: INT

39 Creepy look: LEER

41 Not much at all: ABIT

42 Golfer with an "army": ARNIE

44 Line after Casca's "Speak, hands, for me!": ETTUBRUTE

46 Longtime Indiana senator Dick: LUGAR

47 Hall of Fame outfielder Richie of the '40s-'50s Phillies: ASHBURN

48 Automaker that introduced headlight wipers: SAAB

50 Last pres. born in the 19th century: DDE

51 Dr. for women: GYN

52 Cold-stricken: RHEUMY

56 Coventry coolers: GAOLS

58 Corfu locale: IONIANSEA

61 Impressive lineup: ARRAY

62 "A Room With a View" author: EMFORSTER

63 Final crossing? STYX

64 Nixon-Brezhnev missile pact: SALTI

65 Approved: OKD


1 Some dadaist works: ARPS

2 Cross off: XOUT

3 Shake, as a tail: LOSE

4 Ovoid winds: OCARINAS

5 So five minutes ago: PASSE

6 Young Darth's nickname: ANI

7 Victimized: HAD

8 They may provide track details: SLEEVENOTES

9 __ can: TIN

10 Dig action: EXCAVATING

11 Senegal neighbor: MAURITANIA

12 Common computer manual step: PRESSENTER

14 Running, with "on": THELAM

15 Browning field: POESY

20 River through Umbria: TIBER

23 Signs of infrequent cleaning: DUSTBUNNIES

25 Break fillers: ADS

26 Focus of an EPA phasedown introduced in 1973: LOWLEADGAS

27 Curiosities: OBJETSDART

28 Mathematical approach to military strategy, say: GAMETHEORY

30 "Speak!": SAYIT

36 Chess luminary Kasparov: GARRY

37 Much of Botswana: KALAHARI

40 Barbecue seasoning: RUB

43 17th-century Flemish painter: RUBENS

45 Film Warren commissioned? BUGSY

49 Hilarious: ARIOT

53 "Teach __ number our days": Psalm 90: USTO

54 Like doormats: MEEK

55 Sale area: YARD

57 Negligent: LAX

59 Medical suffix: OMA

60 Org. with Colts and Cowboys: NFL

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