LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 October 2018

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Los Angeles Times 22 October 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 October 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Online auction venue: EBAY

5 Waffle House competitors: IHOPS

10 Mine extracts: ORES

14 Wind-driven device: VANE

15 Complete extent: GAMUT

16 City founded by Pizarro: LIMA

17 Simple __ of kindness: ACTS

18 Cause of squinting: GLARE

19 Sometimes-puffy I's? EGOS

20 English king married six times: HENRYTHEEIGHTH

23 Circular coaster feature: LOOP

24 Guthrie at Woodstock: ARLO

25 Vietnamese export: TEA

26 Vietnamese soup: PHO

28 Denials: NOS

30 Site for crafters: ETSY

32 "Three cheers" cry: HIPHIPHURRAH

36 Inventor's spark: IDEA

37 Prefix with -gram: ANA

38 Govt. workplace monitor: OSHA

42 How wealthy people live: HIGHONTHEHOG

47 Arrived: CAME

48 One-man show about Capote: TRU

49 Salt Lake City athlete: UTE

50 Bay Area airport letters: SFO

52 Gillette razor: ATRA

55 Bluesman Redding: OTIS

57 Keep something in mind: HOLDTHETHOUGHT

61 Christmastide: YULE

62 In first place: ONTOP

63 Perjurer: LIAR

65 Bana of "Hulk": ERIC

66 Orange Bowl city: MIAMI

67 Sole: ONLY

68 Perlman of "Cheers": RHEA

69 Kenneth Lay's scandalized company: ENRON

70 Eye rudely: OGLE


1 Longoria of "Desperate Housewives": EVA

2 One of music's Three Bs: BACH

3 Savanna springer: ANTELOPE

4 Simple question type: YESNO

5 Singer known as the "Godfather of Punk": IGGYPOP

6 Put the kibosh on: HALT

7 Nebraska city: OMAHA

8 Less tainted: PURER

9 Pittsburgh footballer: STEELER

10 Cassini of fashion: OLEG

11 Southpaw's opposite: RIGHTY

12 Be a ham: EMOTE

13 Obama daughter: SASHA

21 Rice-A-__: RONI

22 Tiny bit: IOTA

26 Honor society letter: PHI

27 Got ready for the surprise party surprise: HID

29 Deposed Iranian despot: SHAH

31 Clog or moc: SHOE

33 Bad-joke response: HAHA

34 Tres menos dos: UNO

35 Speak wildly: RANT

39 Saying "Quiet!" to: SHUSHING

40 Very popular: HOT

41 Get on in years: AGE

43 "__ the end of my rope!": IMAT

44 Return from work: GETHOME

45 Enter steadily, as a line of students: TROOPIN

46 Rwandan native: HUTU

47 "Border" dog: COLLIE

50 More lamb than tiger: SHYER

51 Club with 20-, 32-, 42- and 57-Across as members? FOURH

53 Kidney enzyme that regulates blood pressure: RENIN

54 Essential rose oil: ATTAR

56 Snow house: IGLOO

58 Prefix for "ten": DECA

59 __ sapiens: HOMO

60 Towering: TALL

64 Pastrami bread: RYE

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