LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 22 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Barbecue glowers: COALS

6 Priestly robes: ALBS

10 Cobblers' tools: AWLS

14 Neighborhood map on a city map, e.g.: INSET

15 Java neighbor: BALI

16 Former Iranian ruler: SHAH

17 Classroom text: SCHOOLBOOK

19 Deep sleep: COMA

20 Represent: DENOTE

21 Like a bike: WHEELED

23 Goes on to say: ADDS

24 Summer on the Riviera: ETE

25 MLB Network analyst Martinez: PEDRO

28 Twinkling in the night sky: STARLIGHT

34 On bed rest, say: LAIDUP

36 Lupino of "High Sierra": IDA

37 Bird's crop: CRAW

38 Colorado native: UTE

39 Relief from the daily grind: TIMEOFF

42 "__ Am": Alicia Keys album: ASI

43 Screen material: MESH

45 Sinus doc: ENT

46 Growing weary: TIRING

48 Office spot with a coffee pot: BREAKROOM

51 Landlord's income: RENTS

52 Tell tall tales: LIE

53 Field of study: AREA

55 Pays some of: DEFRAYS

59 Closed in on: NEARED

62 Cut __: dance, in old slang: ARUG

63 Start of a sports season, and what each half of 17-, 28-, 39- and 48-Across can have: OPENINGDAY

66 Hightail it: FLEE

67 Trait carrier: GENE

68 Mozart's "Cos“ fan __": TUTTE

69 Spill the beans: TELL

70 Taiwanese PC maker: ACER

71 Most common roll of two dice: SEVEN


1 Prefix with gender: CIS

2 How software was once sold: ONCD

3 Queens tennis stadium: ASHE

4 Johnny's "The Big Bang Theory" role: LEONARD

5 Was conspicuous: STOODOUT

6 Convent leader: ABBESS

7 Language of Southeast Asia: LAO

8 Hard punch: BLOW

9 Many a Punjabi: SIKH

10 One leading a Spartan lifestyle: ASCETIC

11 Healthy bread type: WHOLEGRAIN

12 Like a weak excuse: LAME

13 Roe source: SHAD

18 Inc., in the U.K.: LTD

22 Slender aquarium swimmer: EEL

25 __ bob: vertical measuring tool: PLUMB

26 Diner: EATER

27 Gas at a truck stop: DIESELFUEL

29 Connect with: TIETO

30 Big deal: ADO

31 Whitewater ride: RAFT

32 "Who __?!": "Join the club!": HASNT

33 Small sticks: TWIGS

35 Jetty: PIER

40 6, on a cellphone keypad: MNO

41 Insects with a painful sting: FIREANTS

44 Stylist's supply: HAIRGEL

47 Debate again: REARGUE

49 Hawaii's Mauna __: KEA

50 Style: MANNER

54 Camping gear brand: REI

55 Inane: DAFT

56 Mystery writer Gardner: ERLE

57 Tranquil exercise: YOGA

58 On __: without a contract: SPEC

60 1999 Ron Howard film: EDTV

61 Go out with: DATE

64 WSW's opposite: ENE

65 Japanese money: YEN

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