LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 22 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 22 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 22 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Radio toggle: AMFM

5 A minor, for one: CHORD

10 Animal shelter sight: CAGE

14 Big do: GALA

15 Place where fast bucks are made: RODEO

16 Team that pulls for its driver: OXEN

17 Delivery made by mouth: ORALREPORT

19 Tear apart: REND

20 Showing shock: AGASP

21 Squalid quarters: RATHOLE

23 Surrealist Tanguy: YVES

25 Color in four-color printing: CYAN

26 Open, in a way: UNCAP

29 Fraternal order member since 1868: ELK

31 Blocks that lock: LEGOS

35 Like a pendulum's motion: TOANDFRO

37 Light at some roller rinks: STROBE

38 Critical hosp. area: ICU

39 Going up in smoke: AFIRE

41 Ref. whose first edition took decades to complete: OED

42 One of the Magi: CASPAR

45 Sidewall-sharing abode: ROWHOUSE

48 Warn: ALERT

49 Business VIP: CEO

50 Engrave? INTER

51 Scintilla: IOTA

53 Carry-on item: TOTE

55 With 58-Across, cardio exercise ... and what's hidden in three puzzle rows? JUMPING

58 See 55-Across: JACKS

61 Court loser, maybe: PERP

62 "You had your chance": TOOLATENOW

65 What a slight favorite has: EDGE

66 Satchel Paige's first name: LEROY

67 The Big Easy, informally: NOLA

68 Motley: PIED

69 Shangri-las: EDENS

70 Pairs: TWOS


1 In the past: AGO

2 "Mary Magdalene" star Rooney __: MARA

3 Symbol on a pole: FLAG

4 Kuala Lumpur native: MALAYAN

5 Thin pancake: CREPE

6 Old school dance: HOP

7 Sign of some gas leaks: ODOR

8 Set up again, as pool balls: RERACK

9 Slightly touched: DOTTY

10 Forensic team member: CORONER

11 Feat on ice: AXEL

12 Code carrier: GENE

13 Close: END

18 Got back to, in a way: RSVPD

22 Stop: HALT

24 Feudal laborer: SERF

26 Erie Canal city: UTICA

27 Diet drink spec: NOCAL

28 Something to believe in: CAUSE

30 Longest river in France: LOIRE

32 Date, with "with": GOOUT

33 More than a little plump: OBESE

34 Meal with matzo: SEDER

36 A long way: FAR

37 Verb that becomes its homophone by changing its vowel: SEW

40 Trunk supporter: ROOT

43 Groomed oneself fastidiously: PRIMPED

44 At the pinnacle of: ATOP

46 Try to belt: HITAT

47 Words engraved under the Lincoln Memorial? ONECENT

49 Paddled, perhaps: CANOED

52 Book list listing: TITLE

54 "Love Train" singers, with "The": OJAYS

55 Sci-fi good guys: JEDI

56 Encourage: URGE

57 "It's My Party" singer Lesley: GORE

59 Recognize: KNOW

60 Without help: SOLO

61 Word with rally or talk: PEP

63 Actor Chaney: LON

64 "Where __ I?": WAS

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