LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 22 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Spec. for tires: PSI

4 Alphabetical lunch: BLT

7 Show stoppers: ADS

10 PC component: CPU

13 Close to a delivery: INLABOR

15 Searches, like a pig does for truffles: ROOTLES

17 Attending: GOINGTO

18 Starts up again: REBOOTS

19 *Failed-delivery words: RETURNTOSENDER

21 Perfect spot: EDEN

22 Lease alternative: OWN

23 Bond, say: ASSET

26 Home of Triple-A baseball's Rainiers: TACOMA

32 Order to leave: SCAT

35 Eyeroll inducer, perhaps, briefly: PDA

36 Not seen as much: RARER

37 *Arrives back at square one: COMESFULLCIRCLE

41 Worship: ADORE

42 Dubai's fed.: UAE

43 Information: DATA

44 Diddles (around): MESSES

46 __ opposite: POLAR

48 Granola bit: OAT

50 Folk tail? LORE

53 *Bamboozled ... and what the circled letters, when connected in the proper sequence, can be? THROWNFORALOOP

60 Incredulous response to an unexpected revelation: YOUWHAT

61 Oxford campus: OLEMISS

63 Blow off some steam, maybe? POLLUTE

64 Many a door opening: KEYSLOT

65 Neruda wrote one to "things": ODE

66 Many a golfer's aim: PAR

67 Naval initials: USS

68 46-yr.-old satire: SNL


1 Wilbur of "Charlotte's Web," e.g.: PIG

2 It might keep you up: SNORE

3 "Fine, you got me": ILIED

4 Many air rifles: BBGUNS

5 Trilogy with hobbits: Abbr.: LOTR

6 1982 sci-fi film set in a computer: TRON

7 Common keyboard symbol: ARROW

8 "It __ add up": DOESNT

9 Iced tea brand named for a Florida neighborhood: SOBE

10 Lump: CLOD

11 Best on drums: PETE

12 Cold War initials: USSR

14 Predators named for their prey: ANTEATERS

16 Overwhelming homework amount: TON

20 Equal, as a sum: TOTALUPTO

24 Beach lotion meas.: SPF

25 School URL ending: EDU

27 NFL's Cardinals, on scoreboards: ARI

28 Bridge locales: CARDROOMS

29 Penguin predator: ORCA

30 Tuna __: MELT

31 Geometry figure: AREA

32 Bit of trickery: SCAM

33 JavaScript lines, say: CODE

34 "Famous" cookie guy: AMOS

38 "Get the picture?": SEE

39 Asian language: LAO

40 Road Runner frame: CEL

45 Beethoven's "Waldstein," e.g.: SONATA

47 Where to see strikes but not strikeouts: ALLEYS

49 Subsequently: AFTER

51 Stirs up: ROILS

52 One of three companies in the Seiko Group: EPSON

53 This clue has on: TYPO

54 Rain protection: HOOD

55 "No shirt, no shoes, no service," e.g.: RULE

56 Symbol of wisdom: OWL

57 Demolish: WHUP

58 Amazon Fire TV Stick alternative: ROKU

59 Brew choices: ALES

62 MLB's Cardinals, on scoreboards: STL

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