LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 22 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hubbub: STIR

5 Thompson of "Westworld": TESSA

10 One way to lean: BACK

14 Stephen Hawking subject: TIME

15 Tough tests of knowledge: ORALS

16 Offer the same opinion as: ECHO

17 Princess Royal of Britain: ANNE

18 -, at times: MINUS

19 Reclined: LAIN

20 Setup provider's abbr.: BYOB

21 Hogwarts chronicler imitating noisy dogs? JKGROWLING

23 Like many deli orders: TOGO

25 Western peer of Tex and Gene: ROY

26 Devices that record data on noisy dogs? BARKINGMETERS

32 Part of XL: Abbr.: LGE

33 Toon cat since the silent era: FELIX

34 Reacts to bad news, perhaps: SULKS

37 War-torn land: IRAQ

39 More rational: SANER

41 All in: BEAT

42 St. Anthony's home: PADUA

44 It's not exactly a pick-me-up: DECAF

46 Airport approx.: ETA

47 Photographer of noisy dogs? YIPPERSNAPPER

50 Disney Store collectible: CEL

51 Semi bar: AXLE

52 Paintings depicting noisy dogs? WORKSOFARF

58 First name in folk: ARLO

61 Choppers: AXES

62 Stop by: VISIT

63 Printer function: SCAN

64 News article intro: LEDE

65 Gradually weaken: ERODE

66 It can be hard to get out of: MAZE

67 It can be hard to get out: KNOT

68 Call attention (to): REFER

69 Bellicose god: ARES


1 Attempt: STAB

2 Like a mite: TINY

3 "Give me a few minutes": IMNOTREADY

4 Adidas subsidiary: REEBOK

5 He beat out Sonny & Cher and Herman's Hermits, among others, for the Best New Artist Grammy: TOMJONES

6 Christine's phantom admirer: ERIK

7 Emulated 5-Down: SANG

8 Nasty comment: SLUR

9 Categorize: ASSORT

10 Source of much canine delight: BELLYRUB

11 Nutritious berry: ACAI

12 Gym exercise: CHIN

13 Giant film primate: KONG

22 Burdens: WOES

24 Desktop animation image suffix: GIF

26 Control tower signal: BLIP

27 Indian shrine site: AGRA

28 Forest clearing: GLADE

29 Member of the underground economy? MINER

30 CFOs, e.g.: EXECS

31 Orient Express feature: SLEEPERCAR

35 Shakespeare's shrew: KATE

36 Vega, for one: STAR

38 Cement type for home repairs: QUICKSET

40 Pursued vigorously: RANAFTER

43 Homo sapiens relatives: APES

45 63-Across alternative: FAX

48 Small wading bird: PLOVER

49 State of matter: PLASMA

52 Constitutional: WALK

53 Strong farm team: OXEN

54 Overhaul: REDO

55 Gift from Prometheus: FIRE

56 Beginning: ASOF

57 Play polo, say: RIDE

59 Relax: LAZE

60 Word that can replace "your": ONES

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