LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 22 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 22 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 22 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 DSL provider: ISP

4 MSNBC rival: CNN

7 Living room piece: DIVAN

12 Tennyson poem that begins, "I waited for the train at Coventry": GODIVA

18 Extreme degree: NTH

19 Sushi topping: ROE

20 Saudi neighbor: OMANI

21 Turkey's highest peak: ARARAT

22 Review of a 2013 Disney musical? FROZENACCOUNT

25 Small shooter: MINICAM

27 Green-winged night flier: LUNAMOTH

28 Sudden air movement: GUST

30 Olympic skater Baiul: OKSANA

31 Singer with numerically named albums: ADELE

32 Vocalist Kitt: EARTHA

35 Job for an actor: ROLE

37 Hanoi holiday: TET

38 Place for a béret: TETE

39 1:58 for the duration of a 2016 Amy Adams sci-fi flick? ARRIVALTIME

41 QB's stat: INT

42 Inventor Otis: ELISHA

44 Macho guy: MANSMAN

45 Reduce bit by bit: ERODE

47 U.S. Army medal: DSC

48 Spoke at length: ORATED

51 George who was VP for both Jefferson and Madison: CLINTON

53 Three-time Oscar-winning director: CAPRA

54 Stand-in: SUB

57 Closes securely: SEALSUP

60 How some stock is sold: ATPAR

63 Leader in a beret: CHE

65 Hammock rests: NAPS

68 Star NFL player: ALLPRO

69 Great, in slang: BOSS

70 Author of a 1990 Swayze/Moore fantasy romance? GHOSTWRITER

73 Many ages: EONS

74 Prefix with currency or zoology: CRYPTO

76 Tool for a duel: EPEE

77 Pretentious talk: GAS

78 Pretentious: ARTSY

79 Events with tea, perhaps: SOCIALS

81 Word on a dipstick: ADD

83 Book IDs: ISBNS

85 Not easily able: HARDPUT

88 Expired: RANOUT

90 Cassis aperitif: KIR

93 Performed with brilliance: SHONE

95 High-spirited horse: ARABIAN

98 Diva Dion: CELINE

100 __ mentality: MOB

101 Box-office receipts for a 1988 Tom Hanks comedy? BIGBUSINESS

104 Sugar bowl marchers: ANTS

105 Professional org. since 1847: AMA

106 Sans accomplice: LONE

107 California wine valley: SONOMA

108 Titled rapper: DRDRE

109 Immortal NBA first name: LEBRON

111 Go yachting: SAIL

113 By birth, what Professor Jones wasn't, surprisingly: INDIANAN

115 West African country: LIBERIA

117 First draft of a 1995 De Niro/Pacino thriller? HEATTREATMENT

120 Bordeaux wine: CLARET

121 Houston player: ASTIO

122 Host's invitation: SIT

123 Perceive: SEE

124 Conger catchers: EELERS

125 Second-stringers: BTEAM

126 General on a menu: TSO

127 Benchmark: Abbr.: STD


1 Blew up: INFLATED

2 Pastries from the German for "whirlpool": STIUDELS

3 Like the spelling "kuh-zin" for "cousin," e.g.: PHONETIC

4 Oreo filling: CREME

5 Laying-down-the-law item: NONO

6 More orderly: NEATER

7 Holliday title: DOC

8 Texting qualifier: IMO

9 Jazz singer Sarah: VAUGHAN

10 Yearbooks, say: ANNUALS

11 Tiny complaints: NITS

12 School of whales: GAM

13 Brightly plumed songbird: ORIOLE

14 German thanks: DANKE

15 Tennessee state flower: IRIS

16 TV commercial for a 1983 Chevy Chase comedy? VACATIONSPOT

17 Finished: ATANEND

23 "The Diamond Store": ZALES

24 Blacken: CHAR

26 Not a shiny finish: MATTE

29 Courtroom event: TRIAL

33 Winter coat: RIME

34 Super Bowl highlights? TVADS

36 Old Dodges: OMNIS

39 Group lobbying for lower drug prices: AARP

40 HBO competitor: TMC

43 Winter coat: HOAR

45 Series-ending abbr.: ETAL

46 Painting aids: ROLLERS

49 St. Louis landmark: ARCH

50 Western resort: TAHOE

52 Within reach: NEAR

53 Sea in two continents: CASPIAN

55 Single: UNWED

56 Tavern: BAI

58 Footed vases: UINS

59 Ring-around-the-rosy bouquet: POSY

60 Beginner's class material: ABCS

61 Corrida opponent: TOIO

62 Pretentious chatter about a 1960 Hitchcock thriller? PSYCHOBABBLE

64 Debatable ability: ESP

66 Orwell's Napoleon, for one: PIG

67 Unwanted spot: STAIN

70 Medal for 30-Across: GOLD

71 Wonderland drink: TEA

72 Canadian tank filler: ESSO

75 Container weight: TARE

78 Chip in chips: ANTE

80 New World colonizer: SPAIN

82 Exhaust: DIAIN

84 Pittsburgh Pirates nickname: BUCS

86 Prods: URGES

87 Keyboard key: TAB

89 __ Domini: ANNO

90 Subject of some random acts: KINDNESS

91 Private info-sharing system: INTRANET

92 Begrudged: IESENTED

93 Wee: SMALL

94 Hockey advantage: HOMEICE

96 Most hectic: BUSIEST

97 Quarantine: ISOLATE

99 West Coast NFLer: LARAM

101 More scrawny: BONIER

102 Qatari leader: EMIR

103 Least out there: SANEST

106 Mr. Moto portrayer: LORRE

108 "Same here": DITTO

110 Honest-to-goodness: REAL

112 Queequeg's captain: AHAB

114 Speaker's spot: DAIS

116 @ signs: ATS

118 Musical syllable: TIA

119 Cruise, for one: TOM

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