LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 22 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Web site? ATTIC

6 Guitarist Atkins: CHET

10 Director Preminger: OTTO

14 Composer called "The March King": SOUSA

15 Per person: EACH

16 Brunch, for one: MEAL

17 Madison Ave. pro: ADREP

18 "Night" author Wiesel: ELIE

19 Saharan: ARID

20 Top line of a lawyer's solicitation ad: NEEDLEGALHELP

23 Seafood platter accessory: BIB

25 AFL partner: CIO

26 Advertising come-on: TEASER

27 Make beloved: ENAMOR

29 Olds luxury car: TORONADO

31 Gamer's coin: ARCADETOKEN

33 Bit of ice hockey deception: DEKE

34 SUV's "U," briefly: UTE

35 Leveling device: SHIM

39 Pesky V-formation fliers: CANADAGEESE

43 Thumbs-up: APPROVAL

47 Gold and silver: METALS

48 Rhythmic Ravel classic: BOLERO

49 Its symbol is Sn: TIN

50 "Breaking Bad" org.: DEA

51 Iconic video game since 1978, and a hint to the circled letters: SPACEINVADERS

55 "Garfield" dog: ODIE

56 Executes: DOES

57 Hot under the collar: RILED

60 "Ant-Man" star Paul: RUDD

61 Let off, as steam: EMIT

62 Developer of 51-Across: ATARI

63 Big name in speakers: BOSE

64 Reject as false: DENY

65 Highest world capital city: LAPAZ


1 "__ matter of fact ... ": ASA

2 "The Fox and the Hound" fox: TOD

3 Retrace one's steps: TURNBACK

4 "Aha!": ISEE

5 Provincetown's peninsula: CAPECOD

6 R&B singer Green: CEELO

7 In good shape: HALE

8 Vaper's smoke, for short: ECIG

9 Shakespeare's Globe, e.g.: THEATRE

10 Certain Nebraskan: OMAHAN

11 Mother in Calcutta: TERESA

12 Followed, as a suspect: TAILED

13 Grizzled veteran: OLDPRO

21 Desperate, as straits: DIRE

22 Storied "Fountain of Youth" seeker Ponce de ___: LEON

23 Rosary sphere: BEAD

24 With respect to, in a memo: INRE

28 Fannie __: mortgage nickname: MAE

29 Wreck completely: TOTAL

30 Signed off on: OKED

32 Casserole fish: TUNA

35 Ready-go link: SET

36 "D'oh!" gesture: HEADSLAP

37 __ of Man: ISLE

38 Arizona city or landform: MESA

39 Apple center: CORE

40 Steered clear of: AVOIDED

41 In the center of: AMID

42 Colonel's aspiration, perhaps: GENERAL

43 Soak up: ABSORB

44 Sonny and Cher, e.g.: POPDUO

45 Grunge fashion staples: PLAIDS

46 Ebb: RECEDE

49 Evoking a "Yum!": TASTY

52 Alaskan gold rush town: NOME

53 Blood conduit: VEIN

54 British singer __ Ora: RITA

58 __ of Good Feelings: ERA

59 Jazz trumpeter Gillespie, familiarly: DIZ

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