LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 22 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Flying fox, e.g.: BAT

4 Has the flu, say: AILS

8 Seed on a bagel: SESAME

14 All Hallows' __: EVE

15 Halt: STOP

16 More silly: INANER

17 *Carrier with a Beijing Capital hub: AIRCHINA

19 Unemotionally, after "in": STRIDE

20 Reid of "The Big Lebowski": TARA

21 Feudal peasant: SERF

23 "The Travels of Marco Polo" setting: ASIA

24 "Without delay!": STAT

25 *One barely awake: SLEEPYHEAD

28 "Excusez-__!": MOI

29 Nondairy milk ingredient: SOY

30 Whopper: LIE

31 Automne preceder: ETE

32 Banks nicknamed "Mr. Cub": ERNIE

34 Toxic but fragrant shrub: OLEANDER

36 *Keurig Dr Pepper brand since 2008: CANADADRY

39 Crude conduit: PIPELINE

42 Training line: LEASH

46 Sean Lennon's mom: ONO

47 Jodie Foster, in college: ELI

48 __ pride: GAY

50 Teensy: WEE

51 *Nutritious intake: SQUAREMEAL

54 Prefix with tasse: DEMI

55 Adjust for pitch: TUNE

56 Rank above viscount: EARL

57 "Like that'll happen": ASIF

58 Black __: scary spiders: WIDOWS

61 Coccyx, familiarly, or what the ends of the answers to starred clues can do? TAILBONE

63 Ain't using proper language? ARENOT

64 Tommie of the Miracle Mets: AGEE

65 Deface: MAR

66 Biblical escape obstacle: REDSEA

67 Crammer's concern: TEST

68 Triage ctrs.: ERS


1 "I haven't the foggiest": BEATSME

2 Sunglasses style: AVIATOR

3 Part of ATV: TERRAIN

4 __-blond: grayish shade: ASH

5 Formal affirmation: ITISSO

6 Needing company: LONELY

7 Bowler's pickup: SPARE

8 One in the fam: SIS

9 Strep-treating doc: ENT

10 Emmy-winner actress Paulson: SARAH

11 Ouzo flavoring: ANISEED

12 Help to settle: MEDIATE

13 Modern library? EREADER

18 Litter box user: CAT

22 Dude: FELLA

26 Like a noted piper: PIED

27 How some taxes are paid: YEARLY

29 Undercoat: SEALER

33 Crushed __: ICE

34 Dedicated poem: ODE

35 Science guy Bill: NYE

37 Khartoum's river: NILE

38 Japanese art genre: ANIME

39 Like boomers' birthdays: POSTWAR


41 Throbbed, like one's heart: POUNDED

43 Really cool: AWESOME

44 Advanced college course: SEMINAR

45 Some young bovines: HEIFERS

48 Usually unheated home part: GARAGE

49 They're on your side: ALLIES

52 Long stretches: AEONS

53 Really bother: EATAT

54 Tiny bit: DAB

59 Misfortune: WOE

60 Greyhound destination: Abbr.: STA

62 Give permission to: LET

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