LA Times Crossword answers Monday 23 April 2018

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Los Angeles Times 23 April 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 23 April 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ejects, volcano-style: SPEWS

6 Coin toss: FLIP

10 Org. with a "Parliament" TV channel: BBC

13 Vietnam's capital: HANOI

14 Loughlin of "Full House": LORI

15 Hide in the soil: BURY

16 *Actor who played Che in the 1996 "Evita" movie: ANTONIOBANDERAS

19 Conked out: DIED

20 Sign light: NEON

21 "Snowy" bird: EGRET

22 Sobbed: CRIED

24 Winter bug: FLU

25 *1990s-2000s Red Sox Hall of Fame pitcher: PEDROMARTINEZ

32 Scratch or dent: MAR

34 With courage: GAMELY

35 Actress Campbell: NEVE

36 Leave out, as the "g" when saying "sayin'": ELIDE

38 From __ Z: ATO

39 It's accessed via manholes: SEWER

40 To boot: ALSO

41 End of a Seuss title about a mischievous feline: THEHAT

43 Good bud: BRO

44 *Argentine who shared the FIFA Player of the 20th Century award with PelŽ: DIEGOMARADONA

47 Rte. finder: GPS

48 October birthstones: OPALS

50 Tea variety: PEKOE

53 Extra: Abbr.: ADDL

56 British slammer: GAOL

58 *20th-century Spanish dictator: FRANCISCOFRANCO

61 Like small print: FINE

62 Civil mayhem: RIOT

63 Like Machu Picchu: INCAN

64 Explosive stuff: TNT

65 Without ... or, as a plural, what the starts of the answers to starred clues are without? SANS

66 Winter melodies: NOELS


1 Roe fish: SHAD

2 Lose it in an emergency: PANIC

3 "Star Trek" ship: ENTERPRISE

4 Stereotypical surfer's wagon: WOODIE

5 Pride or envy: SIN

6 Ice sheet: FLOE

7 Gray wolf: LOBO

8 Persian rug source: IRAN

9 Sticker: PIN

10 1804 duel winner: BURR

11 Scottish hillside: BRAE

12 Skin concern: CYST

15 "Begin the __": Cole Porter song: BEGUINE

17 Vedic weather god: INDRA

18 Shoulder muscle, informally: DELT

23 Beat by a bit: EDGE

24 Cook in deep fat: FRY

26 Nebraska city: OMAHA

27 Parking __: METER

28 Hawaiian welcome: ALOHA

29 Puma competitor: NEWBALANCE

30 Perpetually: EVER

31 Celsius freezing point: ZERO

32 Honeyed drink: MEAD

33 "__ want for Christmas ... ": ALLI

37 Danged: DOGGONE

39 "Cut that out!": STOP

41 Many corp. logos: TMS

42 First name from which the "Adi" in Adidas is derived: ADOLF

45 Oil gp.: OPEC

46 1998 Olympics city: NAGANO

49 Tinseltown region, familiarly: SOCAL

50 Fizzling sound: PFFT

51 Ireland, in verse: ERIN

52 German thinker Immanuel: KANT

53 Largest continent: ASIA

54 Anti-rodent brand: DCON

55 Things to connect: DOTS

57 Chaney Jr. and Sr.: LONS

59 Tax-auditing org.: IRS

60 __ Tin Tin: RIN

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