LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 23 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Title critter in Blake's "Songs of Innocence": LAMB

5 Almost dry: DAMP

9 Football's "Papa Bear": HALAS

14 __ vera: ALOE

15 __ Eats: delivery service: UBER

16 Hold the floor: ORATE

17 Generous severance package: PARACHUTE

19 Bobby in a 1971 #1 hit: MCGEE

20 Toss aside: DITCH

21 Bad loser: SOREHEAD

23 Locks: HAIR

26 Stage of adolescence: PUBERTY

27 Frito-Lay brand: TOSTITOS

31 Sudoku fill: Abbr.: NOS

32 Chance of a lifetime: OPPORTUNITY

34 Web spots: ADS

37 Ethically uncertain: GRAY

38 Ring bearer: EAR

39 Came down to earth: ALIT

40 "Atlas Shrugged" writer Rand: AYN

41 Marriage milestone: ANNIVERSARY

45 Lily of France garment: BRA

46 Citrus grove sight: LIMETREE

47 Covered, in a way: INSURED

51 NYC area above Houston Street: NOHO

52 Suddenly stops working, as an engine: SEIZESUP

54 __ Gay: ENOLA

58 TV host Gibbons: LEEZA

59 His touch will complete five puzzle answers: KINGMIDAS

62 Garden tool: EDGER

63 Biblical twin: ESAU

64 California's __ Valley: SIMI

65 Stadium levels: TIERS

66 Droops: SAGS

67 Air filter acronym: HEPA


1 W. Coast force: LAPD

2 Court game word: ALAI

3 Cartoonist Drucker: MORT

4 Bucket shaped like a sandcastle, for one: BEACHTOY

5 "Thank you, Captain Obvious": DUH

6 __ Dhabi: ABU

7 Team that retired Mike Piazza's #31: METS

8 Hosp. area: PREOP

9 __ Industries: L.A. youth program: HOMEBOY

10 McDonald's trademark: ARCHES

11 Ale alternative: LAGER

12 Bugged a lot: ATEAT

13 Like some bagels: SEEDY

18 Department head: CHAIR

22 Litter lightweight: RUNT

24 Addams cousin: ITT

25 Monet's "Cathedral Series" city: ROUEN

27 Forum robe: TOGA

28 "Live at the __": Patsy Cline album: OPRY

29 Spread across: SPAN

30 __ mail: SNAIL

33 "The Empire Strikes Back" director Kershner: IRVIN

34 Old apple spray: ALAR

35 Desperate: DIRE

36 Eye woe: STYE

39 Blow away: ASTONISH

41 Unpaid balance: ARREARS

42 Highland refusals: NAES

43 Punk subgenre: EMO

44 Shorten, as a pants leg: REHEM

45 Automatic promotion on "America's Got Talent": BUZZER

47 Spot of land: ISLET

48 "__ say more?": NEEDI

49 Onslaught: SIEGE

50 They're put up in fights: DUKES

53 City in Tuscany: PISA

55 Comic strip canine: ODIE

56 Light source: LAMP

57 Sri Lanka locale: ASIA

60 Old horse: NAG

61 "Better Call Saul" drug lord Fring: GUS

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