LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 23 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sporty British cars, for short: JAGS

5 Omelet option: HAM

8 Reef material: CORAL

13 Power co. output: ELEC

14 Shaped like an avocado: OVAL

16 Dig deeply? ADORE

17 Fey with many Emmys: TINA

18 Baltic port: RIGA

19 "Unbroken" director Angelina: JOLIE

20 Come out on top: SCOREAVICTORY

23 Intends to hit: AIMSAT

24 Sushi roll fish: EEL

25 "NewsHour" channel: PBS

28 Novelist Rita __ Brown: MAE

29 [I give up!]: SIGH

32 Vacation location: RESORT

34 Retail showcase: STOREDISPLAY

36 Per item: EACH

39 Area for critical patients, briefly: ICU

40 Diamond great Sandberg: RYNE

41 Particle physics concept: STRINGTHEORY

46 Pub quiz fodder: TRIVIA

47 Red Muppet who refers to himself in the third person: ELMO

48 Bit of toy "ammo": CAP

51 Gentle touch: DAB

52 Okay mark: CEE

54 Knuckleheads: IDIOTS

56 Reporter's delivery ... and what 20-, 34- and 41-Across are literally doing? BREAKINGSTORY

60 Humdinger: BEAUT

62 Kitchenware brand: EKCO

63 Blueprint detail: SPEC

64 Subject of a certain management class: ANGER

65 They may be choppy: SEAS

66 Fit together nicely: MESH

67 High-maintenance: NEEDY

68 "That's the spot": AAH

69 Art Deco luminary: ERTE


1 Goods thrown overboard: JETSAM

2 "Girl on Fire" singer Keys: ALICIA

3 Biological mapping subject: GENOME

4 Permanent marks: SCARS

5 Fictional captain Hornblower: HORATIO

6 Tel __, Israel: AVIV

7 Christmas trio: MAGI

8 Persuades with flattery: CAJOLES

9 Air Wick target: ODOR

10 Short and chubby: ROLYPOLY

11 D-backs, on scoreboards: ARI

12 Jack Reacher creator __ Child: LEE

15 Doily fabric: LACE

21 __ Los Angeles: EAST

22 Actress Polo: TERI

26 Dietary fiber: BRAN

27 Eye problem: STYE

30 Determination: GRIT

31 Anne of "Wag the Dog": HECHE

33 Nimble: SPRY

34 Improvised blade: SHIV

35 Fight that may involve drawing: DUEL

36 Started, as a co.: ESTD

37 Gillette brand: ATRA

38 Pegboard game: CRIBBAGE

42 "So close, yet so far": NICETRY

43 Mother Earth, in Greek mythology: GAEA

44 "Holy cow!": OMIGOSH

45 Curtain supports: RODS

48 Writer for whose father the National Baseball Hall of Fame city was named: COOPER

49 Idle: ATREST

50 Freudian analyst's concern: PSYCHE

53 __ out: barely makes: EKES

55 "Who's there?" answer: ITSME

57 Was sorry about: RUED

58 Furniture chain popular in dorms: IKEA

59 Sweet Sixteen org.: NCAA

60 Prohibit: BAN

61 Suffix with ethyl: ENE

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