LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 23 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Massage therapists' workplaces: SPAS

5 "Fiddlesticks!": PSHAW

10 Used room service: ATEIN

15 Largest city on Hawaii's largest island: HILO

16 Terminix target: ROACH

17 Piquant: ZESTY

18 Takes on a new responsibility, as of leadership: ASSUMESTHEMANTLE

21 Indigenous New Zealanders: MAORIS

22 Kind of artery: RENAL

23 Key in a PC reboot combo: ALT

24 Evenly matched: CLOSE

26 Mosquito repellent: DEET

28 "Guys and Dolls" showstopper: ADELAIDESLAMENT

34 Sporty '60s Pontiac: GTO

35 __ out a win: EKE

36 Biopic about Charles: RAY

37 "So that's it": ISEE

38 Threw a fit: RAGED

40 Capital of Oman: RIAL

42 Muscle: BRAWN

43 Superficially highbrow: ARTY

44 To and __: FRO

45 "So that's it!": AHA

47 Orchestrated: LED

48 Shelf for trophies, maybe: FIREPLACEMANTEL

52 Cruising, say: ASEA

53 Stealthy warrior: NINJA

54 Movie SFX: CGI

56 Prince Harry's mother: DIANA

59 Word on the street: GOSSIP

63 Complex reasoning that occurs literally at the end of three long answers: MENTALGYMNASTICS

66 "Inside the NBA" analyst: ONEAL

67 In the back: AREAR

68 Love god: EROS

69 Dweebs: NERDS

70 "Same Time, Next Year" has only two: ROLES

71 Not a good impression: DENT


1 Pretense: SHAM

2 Tuscany town: PISA

3 Furthermore: ALSO

4 Lake Itasca, for the Mississippi: SOURCE

5 Laundry cycle: PRESOAK

6 Three-letter product with two periods: SOS

7 Animosity: HATRED

8 Feel yesterday's yoga class, maybe: ACHE

9 "Stop pouring": WHEN

10 Spring bloomer: AZALEA

11 Yellow bill in classic Monopoly: TEN

12 Event that may feature family heirlooms: ESTATESALE

13 "__ turn up": ITLL

14 Dmitry's denial: NYET

19 Roamed (around): MILLED

20 At a frenetic pace: MADLY

25 Saw-toothed range: SIERRA

27 Kuwaiti ruler: EMIR

28 Big name in games: ATARI

29 Animal behavior specialist: DOGTRAINER

30 New __: MLB baseball cap supplier: ERA

31 Deli choice: SALAMI

32 Staircase pillar: NEWEL

33 Work the bar: TEND

34 Five-time US Open champ: GRAF

39 Checks out: EYES

41 Org. with a five-ring logo: IOC

42 Stringed instruments: BANJOS

44 Swing wildly: FLAIL

46 Airport parking facilities: HANGARS

49 Piano trio: PEDALS

50 Protective coating: ENAMEL

51 Sampled: TASTED

54 "Get real!": CMON

55 __ pool: GENE

57 Thickening agent: AGAR

58 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame songwriter Laura: NYRO

60 Stable stud: SIRE

61 Clickable image: ICON

62 "Hey, you!": PSST

64 Abe Lincoln's youngest son: TAD

65 Dundee denial: NAE

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