LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 December 2017

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Los Angeles Times 23 December 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 December 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 With 1-Down, "Gadzooks!": JUMPING

8 The Pleiades of myth, e.g.: SISTERS

15 Football's "Boomer": ESIASON

16 Oregon city named for a fur merchant: ASTORIA

17 Couldn't offer any justification: HADNOGOODREASON

19 Old Monterey Bay fort: ORD

20 Lipstick marketing word: SMEARLESS

21 Sizing letters: SML

22 Lot: FATE

24 "Music for Airports" producer: ENO

25 "Understood" 39-Across: AYE

26 Sacha Baron Cohen persona: ALIG

27 Type of lizard found indoors? LOUNGE

31 Law enforcement support org.: PBA

32 "Livin' La Vida __": LOCA

33 Like grapefruit: SOUR

34 Seeks a better deal: HAGGLES

36 Usain Bolt, vis-ˆ-vis virtually everyone: FLEETER

39 Where to hear 25-Across: ASEA

40 One might be convincing: LIAR

41 Back again: FRO

42 Eco-friendly wheels: TESLAS

45 __ Major: URSA

46 Hockey legend: ORR

47 Blood test letters: LDL

48 Subtle "Listen up": PSST

49 Stylish jeans feature: RIP

50 Data restriction on Twitter usage: RATELIMIT

54 Camera initials: SLR

55 Mamet play featuring a rare nickel: AMERICANBUFFALO

59 Piranhas, in Venezuela: CARIBES

60 Part of the family group: INACLAN

61 As a group: ENMASSE

62 Bishop's purview: DIOCESE


1 See 1-Across: JEHOSAPHAT

2 Fort Benning, e.g.: USARMYBASE

3 Knight time: MIDDLEAGES

4 Item wielded on "Chopped": PAN

5 Equal start? ISO

6 Rich beverage: NOG

7 Ancient spiritual groups: GNOSTICS

8 "Soldier of Love" Grammy winner: SADE

9 Mediterranean land: ISRAEL

10 Fuel in tins: STERNO

11 Burns poem whose subject is "ugly, creepin": TOALOUSE

12 Gaelic tongue: ERSE

13 Lago feeders: RIOS

14 Lacking: SANS

18 TAG Heuer competitor: OMEGA

22 Critical subject in Roman history: FALL

23 Natural emollient: ALOE

28 Like much museum art: NOTFORSALE

29 Small raiding bands: GUERRILLAS

30 Unreliable, in a way: ERRORPRONE

35 Shopping mecca: GALLERIA

36 Auction action starter: FIRSTBID

37 Bonny one: LASS

38 Logician's "E": ERAT

40 Flowering plant in the legume family: LUPIN

43 Improv staples: ADLIBS

44 Examples of bad driving: SLICES

50 Hurdles, for one: RACE

51 "I am __ / More sinn'd against than sinning": King Lear: AMAN

52 School division: TERM

53 Rapper with the albums "Harlem World" and "Welcome Back": MASE

56 Aussie college: UNI

57 __ Schwarz: FAO

58 TV monitor: FCC

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