LA Times Crossword answers Monday 23 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 23 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 23 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Burning: AFIRE

6 Do some angling: FISH

10 __ Benedict: brunch choice: EGGS

14 Like some clock numerals: ROMAN

15 Dealer's request to a poker player: ANTE

16 Harp constellation: LYRA

17 Whistle-blower in the street: TRAFFICCOP

19 In the thick of: AMID

20 Rainbow site: SKY

21 Indian or Arctic: OCEAN

22 Blackjack player's request to a dealer: HITME

23 The "P" in POTUS: Abbr.: PRES

24 "8 Mile" rapper: EMINEM

26 Kidnap: ABDUCT

29 Beltway region, briefly: DCAREA

30 Hooch: BOOZE

31 Frontier explorer Daniel: BOONE

32 Network with an eye logo: CBS

35 Therefore: ERGO

36 Singer Simon once married to James Taylor: CARLY

37 Visit the mall, say: SHOP

38 Vietnam holiday: TET

39 Three-dimensional: SOLID

40 Good, in Guadalajara: BUENO

41 Fights off: REPELS

43 Boo from the stands: JEERAT

44 Rio Grande city: LAREDO

45 Dryer fuzz: LINT

46 Strange: WEIRD

47 Treasure stash: TROVE

49 Mischief-maker: IMP

52 Sicilian volcano: ETNA

53 Whistle-blower on the court: NBAREFEREE

55 "Yes!" in church: AMEN

56 RC Cola alternative: COKE

57 "Not possible": ICANT

58 Social oddball: NERD

59 Plow-pulling team: OXEN

60 Chef's hat: TOQUE


1 Martial __: ARTS

2 Tined utensil: FORK

3 "Possibly": IMAY

4 Brit. pilots' squad: RAF

5 Make sure people obey, as laws: ENFORCE

6 Turns toward: FACES

7 Ancient Peruvian: INCA

8 Totally, as sober: STONECOLD

9 Cool, like a cat: HEP

10 Julia's "Seinfeld" role: ELAINE

11 Whistle-blower during phys ed: GYMTEACHER

12 Fairy tale brother: GRIMM

13 Marquis de __: SADE

18 "Law & Order: SVU" actor: ICET

22 Add to the staff: HIRE

23 "The Godfather" novelist Mario: PUZO

25 Multitudes of: MANY

26 Help in a heist: ABET

27 Yawn inducer: BORE

28 Whistle-blower at obedience school: DOGTRAINER

29 Actress Day: DORIS

31 Polling place receptacle: BALLOTBOX

33 __ fide: BONA

34 Dalmatian mark: SPOT

36 Like dorms for men and women: COED

37 Sheep fat: SUET

39 Zoomed: SPED

40 Be of help to: BENEFIT

42 Quick trip to the market, say: ERRAND

43 Nonsense: JIVE

44 "I'll do it": LETME

45 Actress Sophia: LOREN

46 Gradually withdraw: WEAN

48 Garden tool: RAKE

49 Baghdad's country: IRAQ

50 Diner handout: MENU

51 Basketball Hall of Famer "Pistol __" Maravich: PETE

53 Sgt., e.g.: NCO

54 Green prefix: ECO

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