LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 23 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Some game pieces: PEGS

5 Long-range nuke: ICBM

9 Like horses: MANED

14 Palm whose oil is used in cosmetics: ACAI

15 David Copperfield wife: DORA

16 Barely, with "by": ANOSE

17 Blades for trimming blades: LAWNMOWER

19 Futile: NOUSE

20 Channel that shows college games: ESPNU

21 Banquet offering: TVDINNER

23 Any ship: SHE

24 Shine, in adspeak: GLO

27 Evasive: EELY

28 Development that ended much development: DIGITALCAMERA

34 Disinfectant brand since 1889: LYSOL

35 Nipper: PUP

36 Collapsed: SANK

39 Bell invention with a bell: PHONE

42 Farm mom: MARE

43 "Bravo!": OLE

44 Unaccustomed to: NEWAT

46 Club used at a club: PITCHINGWEDGE

52 Centuries-old discipline: YOGA

53 Pod opening: TRI

54 Japanese computer giant: NEC

57 Call dibs on, with "to": LAYCLAIM

61 1736 writer of a seminal paper on graph theory: EULER

63 From an earlier time: OFOLD

64 Wheels for carrying wheels: LIMOUSINE

67 Setting for a Tony-winning Miller play: SALEM

68 Persia, now: IRAN

69 "Check this out!": PSST

70 Seriously weaken: ERODE

71 Bind, in a way: TAPE

72 Eye ailment: STYE


1 Loses color: PALES

2 PayPal payment, e.g.: ECASH

3 Rubbernecked: GAWPED

4 __ FŽin: SINN

5 "What will __ now?": IDO

6 Intimidate: COW

7 Two-time Cy Young Award winner Saberhagen: BRET

8 Show amazement (at): MARVEL

9 Western Pacific island capital: MANILA

10 Alias: ANONYM

11 Proper __: NOUN

12 Latin infinitive: ESSE

13 Big game: DEER

18 Wet weather word: MUGGY

22 Holiday mo.: DEC

25 Speak like Sylvester: LISP

26 Texter's "Then again ... ": OTOH

29 Breed: ILK

30 One way to sing: ALONG

31 Acid Rain Program org.: EPA

32 Capek classic: RUR

33 Parrot: APE

36 Bribe: SOP

37 "Aladdin" prince: ALI

38 After expenses: NET

40 Colorful salamander: NEWT

41 Big-mouthed one that can hold its wine? EWER

42 Sess.: MTG

45 Bye word: ADIEU

47 Recurred at regular intervals: CYCLED

48 Loving request: HOLDME

49 "Hometown Proud" supermarket: IGA

50 Ace a test: NAILIT

51 Join: ENLIST

55 Tiny: EENSY

56 Minotaur's home: CRETE

57 Get rid of: LOSE

58 Hardly around the corner: AFAR

59 Risk-taker's acronym: YOLO

60 Actress Sorvino: MIRA

62 FedEx rival: USPS

65 Plan (out): MAP

66 "A Chorus Line" number: ONE

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