LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 23 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 23 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 23 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Small Mercedes sedan: ACLASS

7 Golf match equalizer: HANDICAP

15 Less risky: SAFER

20 Lighthearted: BLITHE

21 Cheerio relative: AUREVOIR

22 Yearn for: CRAVE

23 Ants in the British colonies? CONTINENTALARMY

25 Drove at Indy: RACED

26 Tentative agreement: IGUESSSO

27 Baton Rouge-to-Jackson dir.: NNE

28 "Great" Russian czar: PETERI

29 Sun Devils' sch.: ASU

30 Updike's "Rabbit Redux," e.g.: Abbr.: SEQ

31 Tennis immortal: ASHE

33 Dull opening? DEE

34 Gp. with a three-finger salute: BSA

35 Listing: ATILT

37 Fish attending Mass? CATHOLICSCHOOL

41 Baroque painter Guido: RENI

42 Elvis sings it in "Blue Hawaii": ALOHAOE

44 Sarcastic "So sad": BOOHOO

45 Lions marching event? PRIDEPARADE

47 Cataract surgery replacement: LENS

48 Green-lights: OKS

50 Edmond __: the Count of Monte Cristo: DANTES

51 Large body of eau: MER

52 Fiscal execs: CFOS

54 Pope's jurisdiction: HOLYSEE

57 Reason for a star: HEROISM

61 Juno, to Socrates: HERA

62 Punk subgenre: EMO

63 Whales' sorely lacking veggie supply? TWOPEASINAPOD

67 Goof: ERR

68 Pringles alternative: LAYS

70 Nestlé candy with a white covering: SNOCAPS

71 "Shoulda listened to me!": ITOLDYA

73 Cool, in '90s slang: PHAT

74 LAPD unit? LOS

75 Madame's Spanish counterpart: SENORA

77 Pale __: ALE

78 Dilute: THIN

80 Wolves from Lower Manhattan? BATTERYPACK

85 Things to avoid: TABOOS

87 Rangers' domains: FORESTS

88 Wild plum: SLOE

89 Bats living in an old Chrysler? PLYMOUTHCOLONY

92 Whoopi's role in "The Color Purple": CELIE

93 VCR button: REC

94 Degree in math: NTH

95 Tinged: HUED

96 Texter's qualifier: IMO

98 NBC show since 1975: SNL

99 Gives the slip: EVADES

101 Be on duty at, as a battle station: MAN

102 Aids in DNA sequencing research: GENEMAPS

105 Fathered: SIRED

106 Crows sailing from Ethiopia to Egypt? MURDERONTHENILE

110 Orson Scott Card protagonist __ Wiggin: ENDER

111 Documented: ONRECORD

112 Swimwear fabric: TRICOT

113 Short: TESTY

114 Closed ecosystems: BIODOMES

115 Net worth component: ASSETS


1 "black-ish" airer: ABC

2 Symbol of monastic life: CLOISTER

3 Alfredo __, "Ratatouille" character named for a pasta: LINGUINI

4 Alaskan island invaded by Japan in WWII: ATTU

5 Least likely to mingle: SHIEST

6 Connotation: SENSE

7 Brinker on skates: HANS

8 Start to correct? AUTO

9 Gun lobby org.: NRA

10 __ Taco: DEL

11 Scott classic: IVANHOE

12 "Race Matters" author West: CORNEL

13 Lyon lover's word: AIME

14 Ask invasively: PRY

15 Certain owl's howl: SCREECH

16 "How now? __?": Hamlet: ARAT

17 News source for millions: FACEBOOKFEED

18 "Be it __ humble ... ": song lyric: EVERSO

19 Phone button: REDIAL

24 Law firm abbr.: ESQ

28 Baja bar tender? PESOS

29 __ The Magazine: AARP

31 Just barely: ATAD

32 Oxford, but not Cambridge: SHOE

33 Mousetrap brand: DCON

36 1970s Plumber: LIDDY

37 Exercise target: CORE

38 Shouts of discovery: AHAS

39 Madrid-based airline: IBERIA

40 Moonshine: HOOCH

42 Reuters apps alternative: APNEWS

43 Tardy with: LATEON

46 Down __: Maine nickname: EAST

47 Writer Uris: LEON

49 "My bad": SORRY

51 ER scans: MRIS

53 "Love Song" singer Bareilles: SARA

54 Beatles album with a bang: HELP

55 The Wizard of Oz's hometown: OMAHA

56 Rewards for regulars: LOYALTYCARDS

57 Lukas of "Witness": HAAS

58 Debatable "gift": ESP

59 Small piano: SPINET

60 General __: MOTORS

64 Refinement: POLISH

65 Aspiring MBA's major: ECON

66 Fishing boat: DORY

69 Boiling sign: STEAM

72 What a subscription renewal prevents: LAPSE

75 WWII weapon: STEN

76 Crafts website: ETSY

78 Hypes: TOUTS

79 Frozen planet in "The Empire Strikes Back": HOTH

80 Tree trunk: BOLE

81 J.Lo's fiancé: AROD

82 Pumpkin pie seasoning: ALLSPICE

83 Vending machine feature: COINSLOT

84 Underwater projection: KEEL

86 Not even moist: BONEDRY

87 Based: FOUNDED

89 Car radio button: PRESET

90 Adam of Maroon 5: LEVINE

91 Mexican horseman: CHARRO

92 Rising stars: COMERS

96 QB's pass to a CB, say: INT

97 L.A. Philharmonic Conductor Emeritus: MEHTA

100 Tick-ing bomb? DEET

101 City bond, briefly: MUNI

102 "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" author: GORE

103 Results: ENDS

104 Spanish cordial: ANIS

106 Rabble: MOB

107 "The Name of the Rose" author: ECO

108 __-com: ROM

109 Presumed UFO crew: ETS

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