LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 23 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 23 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 23 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Some artists' quarters: LOFTS

6 Come to a halt: STOP

10 About, on a memo: INRE

14 All-__: versatile machine: INONE

15 Bizet's "Habanera," for one: ARIA

16 Handle roughly: MAUL

17 Holiday bloom: EASTERLILY

19 Sketchbooks: PADS

20 USO show audience: GIS

21 All lathered up: SOAPY

22 Magical lamp dweller: GENIE

23 Jong and Durance: ERICAS

25 Oscar winner Kingsley: BEN

26 Taft's University of Cincinnati position: LAWSCHOOLDEAN

33 Things sometimes found under a tree: GIFTS

35 Wolf cries: HOWLS

36 1959 folk hit with the line "Charlie couldn't get off of that train": MTA

37 Burden: ONUS

38 Gave out cards: DEALT

39 Animal house: LAIR

40 Time of your life: AGE

41 Prolonged battle: SIEGE

42 Number that's part of a nap: FORTY


46 __ Plaines: DES

47 Familiarize: ORIENT

50 Rice or wheat: GRAIN

53 "Dilbert" creator Adams: SCOTT

56 Day for voting: Abbr.: TUE

57 Sleek, in car talk: AERO

58 Parlor pieces, and a hint to each set of circles: WINGCHAIRS

60 Dryer trap target: LINT

61 MLB Tiger, for one: ALER

62 Artist Max: ERNST

63 Grandson of Adam: ENOS

64 Heap affection (on): DOTE

65 Continues intensely, as a storm: RAGES


1 Feudal lord: LIEGE

2 Broadcasting: ONAIR

3 Natural gas, coal, etc.: FOSSILFUEL

4 Atlanta-based station: TNT

5 Goes up and down: SEESAWS

6 Pamplona parlor: SALA

7 Vacation choice: TRIP

8 Like a slippery garage floor: OILY

9 Remit: PAY

10 Be about to happen: IMPEND

11 Palindromic bread: NAAN

12 Designer Gernreich: RUDI

13 "What __ can I do?": ELSE

18 Singer Diana: ROSS

22 Hair products: GELS

24 Lions and tigers: CATS

25 Lightning flash: BOLT

27 Support the team: CHEER

28 Composer Carmichael: HOAGY

29 Young hooter: OWLET

30 Online advertising: EMARKETING

31 Arguing: ATIT

32 __ a one: none: NARY

33 Prod: GOAD

34 "Bus Stop" playwright: INGE

38 Fizzles out: DIES

39 Centers of activity: LOCI

41 Norse name similar to Stephen: SVEN

42 To a greater degree: FURTHER

44 Numbskulls: IDIOTS

45 Campus cadets' org.: ROTC

48 Care for: NURSE

49 Exams: TESTS

50 __-force winds: GALE

51 Equestrian's strap: REIN

52 River of Pisa: ARNO

53 Farm storage unit: SILO

54 Tech news site: CNET

55 Shrek, e.g.: OGRE

58 Bundle of cash: WAD

59 Altar in the sky: ARA

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