LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 23 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Pierre's st.: SDAK

5 Retro ski area sight: TBAR

9 Sounding amazed: AGASP

14 Dance at Jewish weddings: HORA

15 Slippery: EELY

16 Not exactly a company person: LONER

17 Like a GI doing dishes: ONKP

18 It starts the pot: ANTE

19 Former Portuguese territory in China: MACAO

20 Train vigorously: WHIPINTOSHAPE

23 Obscure: NONAME

24 Worldwide cultural org.: UNESCO

27 Part of a play: ACT

29 Like wee bairns: SMA

30 Street-paving goop: TAR

31 Show eager anticipation: LICKONESCHOPS

35 Citrus drinks: ADES

37 Brazil __: NUT

38 Cookies-and-cream ingredient: OREO

39 Search everywhere: BEATTHEBUSHES

44 Timeworn: OLD

45 Paddle relative: OAR

46 Honor society starter: PHI

47 Subject of the Book of Proverbs: WISDOM

49 Neither early nor late: ONTIME

54 Work really hard for victory ... and a hint to the start of 20-, 31- and 39-Across: HAMMEROUTAWIN

58 Classic mother-and-son statue: PIETA

60 Pub projectile: DART

61 Yellowish green: LIME

62 Primp: PREEN

63 Geometry product: AREA

64 Techie, say: USER

65 Cline of country: PATSY

66 Sail support: MAST

67 "Get lost!": SHOO


1 Exhibited, as a home for sale: SHOWN

2 Hawaiian singing legend: DONHO

3 Alan of "Argo": ARKIN

4 Honor society ender: KAPPA

5 Town where the New Jersey (now Brooklyn) Nets played home games for their first year: TEANECK

6 Twisted: BENT

7 The "A" in SATB: ALTO

8 Bar shelf lineup: RYES

9 Annual fact book: ALMANAC

10 Act bonkers: GOAPE

11 Family tree members: ANCESTORS

12 North __: SEA

13 Play-for-pay: PRO

21 Apple desktop: IMAC

22 Sings without lyrics: HUMS

25 Common superhero garb: CAPE

26 Estimate qualifier: ORSO

28 Printer supply: TONER

29 Prep: SETUP

31 Bare bones musical notation: LEADSHEET

32 Loyal end? IST

33 Heart: NUB

34 Garden tool: HOE

35 Take __: acknowledge applause: ABOW

36 Business with a slicer: DELI

40 More than needed: TOOMANY

41 Soccer great Mia: HAMM

42 Call to from a distance: SHOUTAT

43 Clue: HINT

48 Sources of high school jitters: DATES

50 Anklebone: TALUS

51 "If only": IWISH

52 Old copy machine: MIMEO

53 Four before mayo: ENERO

55 Dutch cheese: EDAM

56 __ avis: RARA

57 Mining targets: ORES

58 Very softly, in music: PPP

59 Sr.'s nest egg: IRA

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