LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 23 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Soft ball: NERF

5 Berkshire Hathaway headquarters city: OMAHA

10 Greenish-yellow pear: BOSC

14 Mine, in Montréal: AMOI

15 Chicano rock band Los __: LOBOS

16 "Enchanted" girl in a 2004 film: ELLA

17 Hors d'oeuvre cracker: RITZ

18 Lose tautness: DROOP

19 Logician's error, maybe: LEAP

20 2011 Steve Carell romcom: CRAZYSTUPIDLOVE

23 Slangy affirmative: YEH

24 Light beam: RAY

25 Poseidon's realm: SEA

28 Lav, in Bath: LOO

30 Zero in: AIM

31 Federal bldgs. with mailboxes: POS

34 Rickety abode: TUMBLEDOWNSHACK

38 Diva's time to shine: ARIA

39 Savings plan inits.: IRA

40 Fair-haired sci-fi race: ELOI

41 "Stop whining!": DONTBESUCHAWIMP

46 Chinese menu surname: TSO

47 Put away: EAT

48 Pine-__: cleaning brand: SOL

49 Old Nintendo game console: Abbr.: NES

50 UFO pilots, supposedly: ETS

51 Nintendo game console: WII

53 Neither 20-, 34- nor 41-Across has any: REPEATEDLETTERS

62 Similar in nature: AKIN

63 Online biz: ETAIL

64 Compete for the America's Cup: SAIL

65 Fish catchers: NETS

66 Art class subjects: NUDES

67 Stubborn sort: MULE

68 Aussie greeting: GDAY

69 Part of LED: DIODE

70 Marked for deletion: EXED


1 DEA operative: NARC

2 House of Saud bigwig: EMIR

3 Duty roster: ROTA

4 Like soda pop: FIZZY

5 Part of a comfort simile: OLDSHOE

6 Mad Magazine cartoonist Drucker: MORT

7 Leigh Hunt's "__ Ben Adhem": ABOU

8 Earring style: HOOP

9 "Take two __ and call me ... ": ASPIRIN

10 Kind of dancer: BELLY

11 Breakfast spread: OLEO

12 Balkan native: SLAV

13 Superman accessory: CAPE

21 Holler: YELL

22 Beaver creations: DAMS

25 Town, in Germany: STADT

26 Irish banknotes: EUROS

27 Protein-building acid: AMINO

29 Poet with dedication? ODIST

30 Military plane acronym: AWACS

31 McCain's running mate: PALIN

32 "__, all ye faithful ... ": OCOME

33 Decides not to attend: SKIPS

35 Baseball club: BAT

36 Tulsa sch. named for an evangelist: ORU

37 Use an axe on: HEW

42 Test version: BETA

43 London area that includes Canary Wharf: EASTEND

44 "Is there another way?": HOWELSE

45 Landed: ALIT

50 Itty: EENSY

52 Answer at the door: ITSME

53 Pealed: RANG

54 Scratched (out): EKED

55 Pocket bread: PITA

56 Small decorative case: ETUI

57 Carpentry groove: DADO

58 Wasn't honest: LIED

59 French waters: EAUX

60 Stir up: RILE

61 Malamute's burden: SLED

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