LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 23 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Spunky: SCRAPPY

8 Longest-serving Japanese prime minister: ABE

11 Ave. crossers: STS

14 Steel foundry input: IRONORE

15 Traction-improving: NONSLIP

17 "Try some!": TASTEIT

18 Lamaze class attendee: DADTOBE

19 Expectant time: EVE

20 One of the family: SIS

22 About 24% of the U.S. Congress: WOMEN

23 Stations: DEPOTS

26 Place for choppers: HELIPORT

29 Not quite right: AWRY

30 Oodles: ALOT

31 Broadway song that begins, "The most beautiful sound I ever heard": MARIA

33 Brief encounter: BRUSH

34 Flag thrower: REF

37 Co-tsar with Peter I: IVANV

38 Saucepan cover: LID

39 Missile Command game company: ATARI

41 Place to stay: LODGE

42 Newcastle Brown __: ALE

43 Starts bubbling, maybe: BOILS

44 Fleecy one: EWE

45 Loafs: LAZES

47 Strong suit: ASSET

48 Lost, as a big lead: BLEW

49 Way back when: ONCE

50 Rum drink: DAIQUIRI

54 Competition that includes snowboarding: XGAMES

57 Pianist Rubinstein: ARTUR

58 California's __ Gabriel Mountains: SAN

60 Egg cells: OVA

61 Like the most busy busybody: NOSIEST

64 Mid-Michigan city: SAGINAW

67 Uganda's capital: KAMPALA

68 Accessory for an Aquaman costume: TRIDENT

69 Before, in poems: ERE

70 Coffee hour sight: URN

71 "Sounds right to me": IDSAYSO


1 Positioned: SITED

2 Really want: CRAVE

3 New Year's Day event in Pasadena: ROSEPARADE

4 Tiny toiler: ANT

5 Name in eerie fiction: POE

6 Proper to a fault: PRISSY

7 Himalayan legend: YETI

8 "Furthermore ... ": AND

9 Fluffy wrap: BOA

10 Finish impressively: ENDWITHABANG

11 Sportscast technique: SLOMO

12 River near Vatican City: TIBER

13 Exhausted: SPENT

16 "Hold it!": STOP

21 Lamb Chop puppeteer: SHARILEWIS

24 Short, in a way: OWING

25 It helps you go places: TRAVELBUREAU

27 Gives the slip: ELUDES

28 Part of LAPD: LOS

31 Pedometer unit: MILE

32 Swear: AVOW

33 Sport coat: BLAZER

34 Get support, in a way ... and what the puzzle circles do: RAISEMONEY

35 Writer Gardner: ERLE

36 Rock that, oddly, loses to paper: FIST

40 Puccini opera: TOSCA

46 Boxer Laila: ALI

49 Ventura County city: OXNARD

50 German word of gratitude: DANKE

51 Wildly cheering: AROAR

52 Knocker's words: ITSME

53 Zinger: QUIP

55 Chris of "Captain America": EVANS

56 Handled: SAWTO

59 Wine made from Muscat grapes: ASTI

62 Camera type, for short: SLR

63 You basked for it: TAN

65 USO show audience: GIS

66 Wyo. neighbor: IDA

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