LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 23 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Epithet: LABEL

6 Econ. indicators: GNPS

10 Sp. title: SRTA

14 Loud item in a closet: ALOHASHIRT

16 Easily manipulated type: TOOL

17 Study buddies, often: CLASSMATES

18 Natl. law group whose "M" is largely obsolete: RCMP

19 Picnic serving: EAR

20 Prandial pokers: TINES

21 Cool veggies? CUKES

22 CafŽ de __: Mexican drink brewed in a pot: OLLA

23 Arduous tasks: SLOGS

25 Like some premium services: ADFREE

28 Scrapped: WRANGLED

31 On the offensive, legally: SUING

32 It's not a side road: TRUNKLINE

33 Skin lotion brand: KERI

34 Stopping at a KOA, say: RVING

35 Fall place: EDEN

36 Doubts: MISTRUSTS

38 Some shared rides: UBERS

39 Excites: ENTHUSES

40 Fictitious 18th-century autobiographer: CRUSOE

41 Mighty Dump Truck maker: TONKA

42 Hold-up group? BRAS

43 Like some milk, alas: SPILT

45 Watch with a webcam, perhaps: SPYON

47 Impromptu speech fillers: UHS

50 Italy's Lake __: COMO

51 "How many licks does it take ... ?" treat: TOOTSIEPOP

53 Jackie's designer: OLEG

54 Overwhelms: SNOWSUNDER

55 Lean and muscular: WIRY

56 Capital on a fjord: OSLO

57 Up one day, down the next: MOODY


1 Spike: LACE

2 Ragù __ Bolognese: ALLA

3 Leaner alternative to pork: BOAR

4 "What?" utterances: EHS

5 Anchor's responsibility: LASTLEG

6 Akufo-Addo's land: GHANA

7 Marquee evening: NITE

8 Continuous newsroom operations: PRESSRUNS

9 Familiar gp. of 50: STS

10 Facetious metaphor for a difficult situation: STRUGGLEBUS

11 Mountain dangers: ROCKSLIDES

12 Big volume: TOME

13 They didn't stop Hannibal: ALPS

15 Alfred E. Neuman feature: SMILE

21 Bop on the bean: CONK

22 Aptly named jazz work co-written by Charlie "Bird" Parker: ORNITHOLOGY

24 When repeated, acclaimed Chinese pianist: LANG

25 "I'm here to help": ASKME

26 Expected: DUEIN

27 Inexperienced one: FIRSTTIMER

28 Legal orders: WRITS

29 Two before marzo: ENERO

30 Fog word: DENSE

32 Pilots start them: TVSEASONS

34 Twice-baked bread: RUSK

37 Squirt: RUNT

38 Metal named for a planet: URANIUM

40 Not pleased: CROSS

42 In half: BYTWO

43 Shallows craft: SCOW

44 Social science course, briefly: POLI

46 Gene __: POOL

47 Prom style, often: UPDO

48 Turned some ground: HOED

49 Active: SPRY

51 Ontario-based music gp.: TSO

52 Self-described "non-musician" Brian: ENO

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