LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 23 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 23 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 23 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Spanish for ÒprairieÓ: PAMPA

6 __ wind: SOLAI

11 ÒCarmina BuranaÓ composer: ORFF

15 Breaks down: ROTS

19 Verdi creations: AIIAS

20 Milan fashion house: PRADA

21 Letter-shaped support: IBAR

22 Hose color: ECIU


25 Paints the town red: LIVESITUP

27 Sinus-clearing aids: NETIPOTS

28 Boilermaker ingredient: BEER

30 Go in for: REPLACE

31 Cool, in a way: FAN


34 Encircle: HEMIN

37 Ò__ BopÓ: Cyndi Lauper song: SHE

39 Fiver: ABE

40 ÒCurious GeorgeÓ co-author Margret: REY

41 City on the Skunk: AMES

42 Audrey of ÒThe Da Vinci CodeÓ: TAUTOU

45 Flavorful: SAPID

47 ItÕs almost always fishy: SEA

50 Date nut? HISTORYBUFF

52 BrewersÕ gadgets: TEABALLS

54 ÒSorry, canÕt do itÓ: ALASNO

55 Customary: STOCK

58 Mischievous glance: SLYLOOK

59 Bit: IOTA

62 ÒSorry not sorryÓ: SUEME

64 Old Bruins nickname: ESPO

65 Wing nut? STUNTPILOT

71 Butternut? PASTRYCHEF

74 Folksy Guthrie: AILO

75 Abdominal scar, actually: NAVEL

77 Earth goddess: GAIA

78 One in the alleyÕs back row: NINEPIN

81 Pueblo building material: ADOBE

84 Breakfast cereal magnate: CWPOST

89 Zigzagged, in a sport: SLALOMED

91 Doughnut? BANKMANAGEI

94 Drink with a painful homophone: ALE

95 Packed (with): LADEN

97 ÒPhooey!Ó: OHDARN

98 Family figure? TREE

99 Kind of blanket or paint: WET

100 Bubbly prefix: AER

102 New Haven collegian: ELI

103 FDR had three of them: VEEPS

104 Wheel nut? RACECAIDRIVER

110 Card game cry: GIN

111 ÒCÕest magnifique!Ó: OOHLALA

112 ÒHow ya __?Ó: DOIN

113 PunterÕs metric: HANGTIME

118 Reggie Jackson nickname based on his postseason success: MIOCTOBER

120 Chestnut? BODYBUILDER

122 Impress: ETCH

123 ÒGame of Thrones,Ó for one: SAGA

124 Dodge: ELUDE

125 Hawaiian veranda: LANAI

126 SquirrelsÕ haunts: OAKS

127 Train station, e.g.: STOP

128 Bob who was the voice of Future Ted Mosby in ÒHow I Met Your MotherÓ: SAGET

129 Muscular, in modern lingo: SWOLE


1 First to move, usually: PAWN

2 Indy champ Luyendyk: AIIE

3 Glove: MITT

4 Protest group, perhaps: PACIFISTS

5 Sooty receptacle: ASHPAN

6 Allow as a handicap: SPOT

7 ÒLOTRÓ menaces: ORCS

8 Delt neighbor: LAT

9 Tangy Mexican sauce: ADOBO

10 More desirable to collectors: IAIER

11 Massage parlor services: OILRUBS

12 Triple Crown stat: RBI

13 Packers QB before Rodgers: FAVRE

14 Streaming service offer: FREETRIAL

15 ÒMatch GameÓ regular Charles Nelson __: REILLY

16 In base eight: OCTAL

17 FightersÕ pact: TIUCE

18 Word thatÕs its own synonym when a ÒbÓ is added to the end: SUPER

24 Family title? DON

26 Fly past: SPEEDBY

29 Due-in hr.: ETA

32 Former embryo: FETUS

33 Bourbon order: NEAT

34 ÒFunny not funnyÓ: HAHA

35 Pianist Gilels: EMIL

36 Arizona College of Nursing city: MESA

37 ÒHereÕs a thought ... Ó: SAY

38 Center of activity: HUB

42 Move en masse: TROOP

43 Many times oÕer: OFT

44 Aerial enigmas: UFOS

46 Old Spanish dough: PESETA

47 Splash (through): SLOSH

48 Split to come together: ELOPE

49 Request from: ASKOF

51 ÒWill doÓ: ONIT

53 Novelist Waugh: ALEC

56 Golf green insert: CUP

57 Mauna __: KEA

60 Preserved, as sardines: TINNED

61 Like: ALA

63 Chinese sauce additive: MSG

65 Prefix with belt, in slacks: SANSA

66 What a wavy line may mean in music: TIILL

67 Long bones: ULNAE

68 Advent air: NOEL

69 Eggs in a lab: OVA

70 ÒChoppedÓ host Allen: TED

72 Costa __: RICAN

73 Sign of boredom: YAWN

76 Western wolf: LOBO

79 Skunk cousin: POLECAT

80 ÒHavenÕt the foggiestÓ: IMATALOSS

82 ÒPhooey!Ó: BAH

83 Week add-on: ENDER

85 InventorÕs protection: PATENTLAW

86 Nasty sort: OGRE

87 Ooze: SEEP

88 A fourth of doce: TIES

90 Out of juice: DEAD

92 Penn of the Harold & Kumar films: KAL

93 Hosp. test in a tube: MRI

96 MC Chris genre: NERDRAP

99 Big name in jam: WELCHS

101 Maracan‹ Stadium city: RIO

103 Watches: VIGILS

104 ÒDid my heart love till now?Ó speaker: ROMEO

105 Main artery: AOITA

106 As much as possible: CHOCK

107 Capital near Casablanca: IABAT

108 Empaths pick them up: VIBES

109 __ Gay: ENOLA

110 Serengeti bovine: GNU

113 LondonÕs __ Park: HYDE

114 Help in a risky way: ABET

115 Passport fig.: IDNO

116 It may include several courses: MEAL

117 One in a wet quintet: ERIE

119 __ trip: EGO

121 Exposed, with ÒupÓ: DUG

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