LA Times Crossword answers Monday 23 July 2018

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Los Angeles Times 23 July 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 23 July 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gelatin garnish: ASPIC

6 Bio course components: LABS

10 Blue-roofed eatery: IHOP

14 Fabric: CLOTH

15 At rest: IDLE

16 Gramma: NANA

17 Donald's second ex: MARLA

18 Highlands native: GAEL

19 Tiny fraction of a min.: NSEC

20 Toasted breakfast breads: ENGLISHMUFFINS

23 Pig's home: STY

24 Small songbirds: TITS

25 Apply more lubrication to: REOIL

27 One-thousandth of a gig: MEG

28 Letters indicating a sellout: SRO

30 Kissing on a busy ave., say: PDA

31 Eggy breakfast dish: SPANISHOMELET

35 Lago contents: AGUA

37 Dutch Golden Age artist: STEEN

38 Rogues: CADS

39 Ham-like breakfast meat: CANADIANBACON

42 Bowling initials: AMF

43 USN rank: ENS

44 Chaney of old chillers: LON

45 American rival: DELTA

47 Lord's partner: LADY

49 School support org.: PTA

52 Rural cuisine ... and what 20-, 31- and 39-Across are examples of? COUNTRYCOOKING

56 Duck or goose: FOWL

57 "It __ over till it's over": Berra: AINT

58 Eagle claw: TALON

59 Non-returnable serves: ACES

60 __ Reader: UTNE

61 Overact: EMOTE

62 Cajun veggie: OKRA

63 Propped (up), as a golf ball: TEED

64 Fills completely: SATES


1 Pinnacles: ACMES

2 Journalist's angle: SLANT

3 Lover of Bess, in Gershwin: PORGY

4 "__ never work!": ITLL

5 Indian spiced drink: CHAITEA

6 Illumination: LIGHT

7 President between Washington and Jefferson: ADAMS

8 Cheese couleur: BLEU

9 Word before portrait or pity: SELF

10 Type of navel: INNIE

11 Is unprepared: HASNOPLAN

12 Like a landslide win: ONESIDED

13 __-12 Conference: PAC

21 Records one's arrival on a register: SIGNSIN

22 Starting at: FROM

26 Back muscles, briefly: LATS

27 Film-rating org.: MPAA

28 "The Purple People Eater" singer Wooley: SHEB

29 Brazilian soccer immortal: RONALDO

31 Bloom with edible seeds: SUNFLOWER

32 "Take __ a challenge": ITAS

33 One of a D.C. 100: SEN

34 Business maj.: ECON

35 USNA part: Abbr.: ACAD

36 South Carolina athlete: GAMECOCK

40 Jimmy on sausage labels: DEAN

41 Howling canines: COYOTES

46 Oklahoma city: TULSA

47 Jeff of ELO: LYNNE

48 Played a part: ACTED

49 Plane flier: PILOT

50 Fed. security: TNOTE

51 Dancer de Mille: AGNES

53 Pulled tight: TAUT

54 Bar mitzvah, for one: RITE

55 __ Sutra: KAMA

56 Toy store __ Schwarz: FAO

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