LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 23 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Noisy with activity: ABUZZ

6 A bit cracked: AJAR

10 Fem. counterpart: MASC

14 Southeast Asian capital: HANOI

15 Place to bowl: LANE

16 Golden rule word: UNTO

17 Jewelry to wear for a good cry? ONIONRINGS

19 Toffee bar with a crown in its logo: SKOR

20 Thus far: YET

21 Procure: GET

22 CenturyLink Field NFLer: SEAHAWK

24 Support under the table? LEG

25 "I wouldn't __ you wrong": STEER

26 Poem often starting with "There": LIMERICK

30 Lasso loops: NOOSES

34 Sistine Chapel ceiling man: ADAM

35 Giant Giant: MAYS

37 __ Dame: NOTRE

38 Like New York's Chrysler Building: DECO

39 Church leader: ELDER

41 Gold source: MINE

42 Brings home: EARNS

44 Extended ride? LIMO

45 "At the Movies" segment: CLIP

46 Reduce speed: SLOWUP

48 Breaks, as the law: VIOLATES

50 Clear in class, maybe: ERASE

52 Weather report backdrop: MAP

53 Most loving: FONDEST

56 Chivalrous title: SIR

57 "Knives Out" actress __ de Armas: ANA

60 Awestruck: AGOG

61 Warm stole to wear on Thanksgiving? TURKEYWRAP

64 Turn over: CEDE

65 Comics canine: ODIE

66 None too worldly: NAIVE

67 Light tops: TEES

68 Sandberg with nine Gold Gloves: RYNE

69 Dental exam component: XRAYS


1 Sea greeting: AHOY

2 Curse: BANE

3 Textbook section: UNIT

4 Where the wild things are: ZOO

5 Witty retort: ZINGER

6 Landed: ALIT

7 "Surf City" duo __ and Dean: JAN

8 Inner turmoil: ANGST

9 Viewed anew: RESEEN

10 Headgear to wear while truffle hunting? MUSHROOMCAP

11 "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" singer: ANKA

12 Put in the overhead bin: STOW

13 Popped top: CORK

18 Prevailing power: REGIME

23 Ages and ages: AEON

24 Shoes to wear when driving a junky car? LEMONWEDGES

25 Perform a long jump? SKYDIVE

26 Puts on cargo: LADES

27 Best possible: IDEAL

28 Computer shortcut: MACRO

29 Word with cold or close: CALL

31 Long-legged wading bird: STILT

32 Banks on a diamond: ERNIE

33 Oozes: SEEPS

36 Tractor-trailer: SEMI

40 Rent sharer: ROOMIE

43 "Of course!": SURE

47 Church leader: PASTOR

49 Vocal cords locale: LARYNX

51 Cram, say: STUDY

53 It's the truth: FACT

54 S-shaped molding: OGEE

55 Connecting point: NODE

56 __-Ball: SKEE

57 Puccini piece: ARIA

58 Deep blue: NAVY

59 Gibbons and gorillas: APES

62 __ Tin Tin: RIN

63 __ movie: WAR

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