LA Times Crossword answers Friday 23 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 23 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 23 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Japanese car whose name means "reward" in early German: MIATA

6 Infielder in a comedy routine: WHO

9 Conviction: FAITH

14 Joins, as a team: YOKES

15 On fire: HOT

16 Big name in foil: ALCOA

17 Double vision? TWINPEEKS

19 Items often checked: COATS

20 Flying Solo: HAN

21 Brute's rebuke: ETTU

22 "Will it play in __?": vaudeville phrase: PEORIA

23 What EEE signifies? NOSMALLFEET

25 Birthplace of St. Francis: ASSISI

29 "Who, me?": MOI

30 Pound product: POEM

31 Fabric with metallic threads: LAME

34 Musical E equivalent: FFLAT

39 Cesar Millan's gift? THEHEELINGTOUCH

42 Doomed biblical city: SODOM

43 Calf-length skirt: MIDI

44 See 36-Down: OAHU

45 Pot pie veggie: PEA

47 Holds dear: VALUES

49 Blind date? MYSTERYMEET

55 Films partly made in stages: OATERS

56 Deal with creases: IRON

57 Audibly grieve: SOB

60 Texas HQ of Frito-Lay: PLANO

61 His-and-hers concert souvenir? TEEFORTWO

63 Articulate: UTTER

64 Company abbr.: INC

65 Texans' neighbors: OKIES

66 Old times: PASTS

67 WWII carrier: LST

68 "Old" language that gave us "blunder": NORSE


1 Bit of fiction: MYTH

2 "The Music Man" setting: IOWA

3 Related: AKIN

4 First and __: TEN

5 Quakers in Colorado? ASPENS

6 Puts an edge on: WHETS

7 Poppycock: HOKUM

8 Extra NFL periods: OTS

9 Cosmetic surgery procedure: FACELIFT

10 Distant: ALOOF

11 Comforting affirmation: ICARE

12 Funny Fields: TOTIE

13 Starts to fight: HASAT

18 Star over Paris: ETOILE

22 Abbas' gp.: PLO

24 Improve: AMEND

25 Much urban housing: Abbr.: APTS

26 NYC art district: SOHO

27 Apple core? SEED

28 Letters before a view: IMHO

32 Revlon cosmetics brand: ALMAY

33 Customizable Nintendo persona: MII

35 Have on, to a Brit: FOOL

36 Feast on 44-Across: LUAU

37 Bleed (for): ACHE

38 Consequently: THUS

40 Supreme monarchs: EMPERORS

41 Provide generously, as one's time: GIVEOF

46 Triage areas, briefly: ERS

48 When a classic film gunfight started: ATNOON

49 Attend to a spill: MOPUP

50 1945 "Big Three" meeting site: YALTA

51 E and FG, in sports: STATS

52 Group's belief: TENET

53 Appearances: MIENS

54 Build: ERECT

57 Recipe directive: STIR

58 Is beholden to: OWES

59 Big name in audio systems: BOSE

61 "Open 9 __ 5": TIL

62 Original "King Kong" film studio: RKO

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