LA Times Crossword answers Friday 23 June 2017

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Los Angeles Times 23 June 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 23 June 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Clumps or chumps: CLODS

6 Wall Street Journal co-founder Charles: DOW

9 2013 Zipcar acquirer: AVIS

13 Word on mail from Madrid: AEREO

14 Have to shell out: OWE

15 Break the silence of the lamb? BLEAT

16 Vermicelli for the greedy or lustful? VICEARONI

18 Get high: ELATE

19 Get going: PROD

20 Threat in old Westerns: RATTLER

22 Knuckle under: GIVE

25 Bungler: OAF

27 Import: SHIPIN

28 Nutty: INANE

30 Slam __: DUNK

32 Clever comment: MOT

33 Word with gown or wreath: BRIDAL

35 Sandra's Supreme Court successor: SAMUEL

37 What's big in London? BEN

38 Energy drink? VIMSHOT

40 Texting qualifier: IMO

43 Glacial mass: ICECAP

45 __ milk: MALTED

47 Dedicatee of Lennon's "Woman": ONO

48 Barrel band: HOOP

50 1937 Shirley Temple title role: HEIDI

51 Cover, in a way: INSURE

53 Pot leaves: TEA

55 Comparable: AKIN

56 Subsequent edition with no changes: REPRINT

58 Flew: SPED

60 With 12-Down, Carnegie Hall icon: ISAAC

61 Camper upgrade, literally seen in four puzzle answers: RVTRADEIN

66 Skeptical sound at Belmont? NEIGH

67 Crude stuff: OIL

68 Dry Italian white: SOAVE

69 Sebaceous gland issue: ACNE

70 One of several found in a golf cart: TEE

71 Graceful wader: EGRET


1 James, for one, briefly: CAV

2 Hilo hello accompaniment: LEI

3 Hobbit hunter: ORC

4 Where it's not good to go off? DEEPEND

5 Birds do it: SOAR

6 Thingy: DOODAD

7 Routinely trounce: OWN

8 Small dam: WEIR

9 Never surpassed: ALLTIME

10 Practical approach to preparing saltimbocca? VEALPOLITIK

11 Unwelcome response to "Where's the leftover pizza?": IATEIT

12 See 60-Across: STERN

15 Kiss classic: BETH

17 Milne marsupial: ROO

21 Referral from dad? ASKMOM

22 The "Gee" in Bee Gees: GIBB

23 About: INRE

24 Pamplona preeners, with "the"? VAININSPAIN

26 Fuddy-duddy: FUSSPOT

29 Igloo's lack: EAVE

31 "Nope": NAH

34 Fungus/alga symbiosis: LICHEN

36 Bryce Canyon locale: UTAH

39 Red Guard leader: MAO

41 Prefix with -terranean: MEDI

42 Master of the Valkyries: ODIN

44 Grit, but not grits: COURAGE

46 It's never a poodle in the Iditarod: LEADDOG

47 "Be right there!": ONESEC

49 Chef's crusher: PESTLE

51 "The Three Sisters" sister: IRINA

52 Loaded: RICH

54 Busy time for CPAs: APR

57 Relaxed pace: TROT

59 Relaxation: EASE

62 Strive: VIE

63 Temple neighbor: EAR

64 Mass ending? IVE

65 A daredevil might eschew it: NET

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