LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 23 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 23 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 23 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Friend of dÕArtagnan: ATHOS

6 Turning point: CUSP

10 Organ array: PIPES

15 Cunning: WILY

19 DidnÕt lose a game: SWEPT

20 Site of ItalyÕs Festival of Festivals, featuring local food and wine: ASTI

21 Parting from 1-Across: ADIEU

22 Managed care gps.: HMOS

23 Interface on old computers: SERIALPORT

25 Crossing with a charge: TOLLBRIDGE

27 Crab in space: NEBULA

28 Whenever you want: ATWILL

30 CarpenterÕs supply: LUMBER

31 Herbie of jazz: MANN

33 Cuts back: PAIES

34 Debatable claim: ESI

35 Repeated word in the StonesÕ ÒJumpinÕ Jack FlashÓ: GAS

38 Suffolk slammer: GAOL

40 Diarist Ana•s: NIN

41 Landing flight paths: PATTEINS

46 Camera setting: AUTO

48 Violinist awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992: ISAACSTERN

51 TD Garden skater: BIUIN

52 Southern accent feature: DRAWL

54 Long-necked wader: EGRET

55 128-AcrossÕ __ Vecchio: PONTE

57 __-Caps: candy: SNO

58 Rights advocacy gp.: ACLU

59 German article: DER

60 18th-century lexicographer Johnson: SAMUEL

61 Thrice, in RxÕs: TER

62 Taproom containers: KEGS

64 Intend that one will: AIMTO

67 ÒTop HatÓ star: ASTAIRE

69 Procure: GET

70 Longest serving Secretary of State, 1933-Õ44: CORDELLHULL

74 Many desktops: ICS

75 One getting on in years: OLDSTER

77 Ice cream serving: SCOOP

78 Actor Baldwin: ALEC

80 Okra unit: POD

81 Puts on the books: ENACTS

84 Fed. benefits agency: SSA

86 Student stressor: EXAM

88 Ò__ we good?Ó: ARE

89 ÒDittoÓ: METOO

90 Summer refreshers: ICEES

92 Start of an acting career, ideally: DEBUT

94 Nouveau __: RICHE

96 Longest-serving Republican senator, 1977-2019: ORRINHATCH

99 Location: SITE

100 Parting words: TAKECARE

102 The first of two TÕs, in a familiar sequence: TUE

103 Flue residue: SOOT

105 TrawlerÕs tool: NET

106 Caribbean export: RUM

107 Wet dips: SWI S

109 Secured, in a way: TIED

111 Actress Lansbury: ANGELA

114 Nova __: SCOTIA

115 Single-masted ships: SLOOPS

119 TV reporting VIP: NEWSANCHOR

121 Gesture of respect to a monarch: COURTLYBOW

124 Piece for two: DUET

125 Nursed, say: DRANK

126 TolstoyÕs Karenina: ANNA

127 Get hitched in haste: ELOPE

128 See 55-Across: ARNO

129 Lew in old films: AYRES

130 Foucault with a pendulum: LEON

131 Candy mogul H.B. __: REESE


1 PGA part: Abbr.: ASSN

2 So precious, in Penzance: TWEE

3 Oregano, for one: HERB

4 Old den indulgence: OPIUM

5 ÒThe Great EscapeÓ setting: STALAG

6 Limit: CAP

7 ÒOperation Phone HomeÓ gp.: USO

8 Sundress part: STRAP

9 ÒMereÓ amount: PITTANCE

10 Like a good waiter: PATIENT

11 Beloved stars: IDOLS

12 Vitamin __: PILL

13 Slender swimmer: EEL

14 Rental from a renter: SUBLET

15 Petulant complaint: WHIMIEI

16 Source of film trivia: IMDB

17 Opera house section: LOGE

18 River of Flanders: YSER

24 Tropical veranda: LANAI

26 Region of industrial decline: RUSTBELT

29 Watch holder: WIIST

32 Poked (around): NOSED

35 Wander (about): GAD

36 2000s Saturn midsize model: AURA

37 Metaphor for an unfair advantage: STACKEDDECK

39 Athletic shoe once endorsed by Paula Abdul: LAGEAR

41 Limo destination: PROM

42 Like yearbooks: ANNUAL

43 Simple home in the woods: IUSTICCABIN

44 NorCal NFL team: NINERS

45 Keep a roomie awake, maybe: SNORE

47 Hooting young: OWLETS

49 Sure competitor: ARRID

50 Greener Living org.: EPA

53 Haul: LUG

56 Electric wheels: TESLA

60 Unassisted: SOLO

63 One of 20 in ÒHamletÓ: SCENE

65 Military meal: MESS

66 Help for a sad BFF: TLC

68 High points: AIEXES

69 Latin carol word: GLORIA

71 Figure of speech? ORATOR

72 Biblical prophet: HOSEA

73 Sports shockers: UPSETS

75 Eye-catching display: OPART

76 SoCal wine valley: TEMECULA

79 Set the pace: LED

82 Center: CORE

83 Rocky peak: TOR

85 Knotted neckwear: ASCOT

87 Tone down, as a color: MUTE

90 Arctic people: INUIT

91 Like many reactions: CHE ICAL

93 Vietnam New Year: TET

95 Opening words eventually followed by clinking: HERESTO

97 InventorÕs jubilant shout: ITWORKS

98 Raise aloft: HOIST

101 Seyfried of ÒMean GirlsÓ: AMANDA

104 Employee in a cage: TELLER

107 Tea go-with: SCONE

108 Rh™ne tributary: SAONE

110 Professor ChallengerÕs creator: DOYLE

111 Forever __ day: ANDA

112 Nerve: Pref.: NEUR

113 Tony-winning Verdon of ÒDamn YankeesÓ: GWEN

114 __-Pei: dog breed: SHAR

116 Wind ensemble member: OBOE

117 Bursts: POPS

118 PopeyeÕs __ÕPea: SWEE

120 Shed a tear: CRY

122 Card game shout: UNO

123 Got into the race: RAN

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