LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 23 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Digital money: ECASH

6 Welcomed at the door: SAWIN

11 "Happy little trees" painter Ross: BOB

14 Elder Obama daughter: MALIA

15 Ad: PROMO

16 Sci-fi vehicle: UFO

17 Netflix series about unintended consequences of new technology: BLACKMIRROR

19 Cal. airport not in its namesake city: SFO

20 Arcing shot: LOB

21 Like money in a poker game: ATRISK

22 Some "Rocky" settings: GYMS

23 Historic chapters: ERAS

25 "__ la France!": VIVE

26 Embezzler's dread: AUDIT

27 Actors sans lines: MIMES

29 Campground support: TENTSTAKE

31 Google: SEARCH

33 Uses a needle: SEWS

34 "__ out!": YER

35 Dutch colonist: BOER

37 Per __: DIEM

39 "Get a room!" elicitor, for short: PDA

42 Pants, briefly: TROU

44 Fashions: TRENDS

48 Part of a southpaw's ring repertoire: LEFTCROSS

51 Insignificant person: TWERP

52 TV host with her "OWN" network: OPRAH

53 Fruity antacid: TUMS

55 ROFL relative: LMAO

56 Colorful cereal brand: TRIX

57 Homes high up: AERIES

59 Green prefix: ECO

60 Efron of "High School Musical": ZAC

61 On earth: UNDERTHESUN

63 Spacewalk initials: EVA

64 Image on some birth announcements: STORK

65 Hirsch of "Into the Wild": EMILE

66 Hibernation location: DEN

67 Itty-bitty: EENSY

68 "Alas!": SOSAD


1 Insignias: EMBLEMS

2 Some diet soda has one: CALORIE

3 College football powerhouse: ALABAMA

4 [not my mistake]: SIC

5 Maori dance with rhythmic chanting: HAKA

6 Exorcist's target: SPIRIT

7 Gets in: ARRIVES

8 Took a downturn: WORSENED

9 "Everything's fine!": IMOK

10 Postal motto word: NOR

11 Reason to skip lunch, maybe: BUSYDAY

12 How some candid comments are made: OFFMIKE

13 Enthusiastic supporter: BOOSTER

18 "Jersey Shore" airer: MTV

22 __ check: test of character: GUT

24 Belgrade resident: SERB

26 Aver: ASSERT

28 Rusty nail liquor: SCOTCH

30 Silly person: TWIT

32 Munich address: HERR

36 Cheered for: ROOTEDON

38 Whimper: MEWL

39 Was overcome with emotion, informally: PLOTZED

40 Corrupt: DEPRAVE

41 Like some violets: AFRICAN

43 Loan sharks: USURERS

45 Draco Malfoy, to Harry Potter: NEMESIS

46 Classic Lugosi character with an aversion to the ends of 17-, 29-, 48- and 61-Across: DRACULA

47 Cuddled, in a way: SPOONED

49 Line on many bills: TAX

50 Condescending: SMIRKY

54 "Quiet on the __!": director's cry: SET

57 Pay to play: ANTE

58 Sows, e.g.: SHES

61 Operate: USE

62 Punk rock offshoot: EMO

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