LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 23 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 23 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Munro pen name: SAKI

5 Fix, as faulty code: DEBUG

10 Shorten: CLIP

14 Scoundrel of "Tess of the D'Urbervilles": ALEC

15 One of Chekhov's "Three Sisters": IRINA

16 Sharpen: HONE

17 7-Eleven's Big Gulp, for one: SUPERSIZEDDRINK

20 Prepare to relax: SITBACK

21 "__ Pointe Blank": 1997 film: GROSSE

22 Shipping nickname: ARI

23 Marketing gimmick: TIEIN

25 It makes for easier reading: LARGEPRINTBOOK

31 McKinley's first lady: IDA

32 Like mud in election season: SLUNG

33 Serious violations: SINS

35 PC's spacebar neighbor: ALT

36 Mayor pro __: TEM

37 Swallow: EAT

40 Replayed service: LET

41 Lay on the line: RISK

43 "The Haywain Triptych" painter: BOSCH

45 Keen perception: EAR

46 Teased style: BOUFFANTHAIRDO

50 Many a "Call the Midwife" character: NURSE

51 Part of FWIW: ITS

52 Yak-like: SHAGGY

55 Honeymoon spots: RESORTS

59 What a deejay might do to create energy ... or a request that may lead to 17-, 25- and 46-Across: PUMPUPTHEVOLUME

62 Digital imaging brand: AGFA

63 Lodging: ABODE

64 Highly prized: DEAR

65 Exec's dispatch: MEMO

66 iPods since 2005: NANOS

67 "The Facts of Life" mentor Garrett: EDNA


1 Get fresh with: SASS

2 His, in Le Havre: ALUI

3 Didn't surrender: KEPT

4 Old-style hangover relief: ICEBAG

5 Devoted follower: DISCIPLE

6 He played Frank on "CHiPs": ERIK

7 Commercial URL suffix: BIZ

8 French article: UNE

9 Many an infomercial offering: GADGET

10 Greek personification of time: CHRONOS

11 Lane often in distress: LOIS

12 Honeymoon options: INNS

13 Long-haired lap dog, familiarly: PEKE

18 Most interesting to a collector: RAREST

19 Minute amount: DRIB

23 Element in pewter: TIN

24 Swallow: INGEST

25 Accusatory retort: LIAR

26 Impulsive line: ADLIB

27 "I'm walkin' here!" speaker of 1969: RATSO

28 "Dancing With the Stars" dances: RUMBAS

29 Persian Gulf sight: OILER

30 Massage: KNEAD

34 Texas ALer: STRO

38 Pulls off: ACHIEVES

39 "Oh yeah?": THATSO

42 Spicy Chinese dish: KUNGPAO

44 A: ONE

47 Fish whose preparation is strictly regulated in Japan: FUGU

48 Griddle alternative: FRYPAN

49 Lover of Tristan: ISOLDE

52 Virtually bombard: SPAM

53 Voluminous: HUGE

54 Switch on a radio: AMFM

55 Modernize: REDO

56 Kicked oneself about: RUED

57 IRS agent: TMAN

58 Vaccines: SERA

60 Placeholder abbr.: TBA

61 Sweetheart: HON

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