LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 23 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Source of moving fare: FOODTRUCK

10 Each of its chapters is called a "sura": QURAN

15 Georgian Bay is part of it: LAKEHURON

16 Fifth sense? UMAMI

17 "Regardless ... ": ATANYRATE

18 Park with an "Innoventions" museum: EPCOT

19 Humanities subj.: PSY

20 Small white toy: MALTESE

22 Time of expectation: EVE

23 Old Route 66 city: TULSA

24 Solution: ANSWER

26 Flag of Chicago quartet: STARS

29 Mainland Africa's smallest nation: GAMBIA

31 Decorated one: HERO

32 Pot seen in a bar: BEERBELLY

35 Charges up: EXCITES

37 Whitewater sight, perhaps: KAYAKER

39 Sit out: TAKEAPASS

41 Lock fixers: GELS

42 Maker of Oikos Greek yogurt: DANNON

43 Big Ten team since 2014, familiarly: TERPS

44 Actually being: INESSE

46 results: DATES

49 Brief storage unit: MEG

50 "The Murder Room" author: PDJAMES

52 Red choice: CAB

55 Up: AWAKE

57 In agreement with the party: ONMESSAGE

59 Jackie's predecessor: MAMIE

60 Posted: STATIONED

61 Place: STEAD

62 Egg sources: HENHOUSES


1 Controversy: FLAP

2 Stable diet: OATS

3 "Agreed": OKAY

4 Show watcher's room: DEN

5 Gland essential to T cell maturation: THYMUS

6 Pastoral: RURAL

7 Range with one end in Kazakhstan: URALS

8 Weekend getaway: COTTAGE

9 Hopping joint? KNEE

10 Artist with the 2016 album "Lemonade," to fans: QUEENBEY

11 One verifying a tag: UMP

12 20km Summer Olympian: RACEWALKER

13 "Don't make __!": AMOVE

14 Fertilizer ingredient: NITER

21 Ballroom dances: SAMBAS

23 Three-horse carriages: TROIKAS

25 Preserved fodders: SILAGES

26 "__ Came in Through the Bathroom Window": Beatles: SHE

27 One might include an emoji: TEXT

28 Dance Dance Revolution, e.g.: ARCADEGAME

30 Sacred chests: ARKS

32 More than brushed back: BEANED

33 First NHL player with a 100-point season, familiarly: ESPO

34 Site with many pans: YELP

36 State-of-the-art 1970s bike: TENSPEED

38 __ feed: online news aggregator: RSS

40 Slowish tempo marking: ANDANTE

43 One of Corleone's capos: TESSIO

44 10-Across preachers: IMAMS

45 Unaccustomed to: NEWAT

47 Jordan's capital: AMMAN

48 Effectiveness: TEETH

51 Rib: JOSH

52 Recycled items: CANS

53 "Permit Me Voyage" poet: AGEE

54 Flower holders: BEDS

56 Hyundai competitor: KIA

58 Paltry quantity: SOU

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