LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 23 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Alaskan islander: ALEUT

6 Bar flier: DART

10 Early garden spot: EDEN

14 Like the yolk in Eggs Benedict: RUNNY

15 MLB Triple Crown category: RBIS

16 Govern: RULE

17 42-U.S.-gallon containers: CRUDEOILBARRELS

20 "Try this": HERE

21 Flying geese formation: VEE

22 Hall partner: OATES

23 Tries to make a point? SERVES

25 Tilt: LEAN

27 Cocktail with a splash of olive juice: DIRTYMARTINI

32 Sierra Nevada resort: TAHOE

35 Places for hoops, maybe: EARS

36 Crime boss: DON

37 Eagerly excited: AGOG

38 "The Martian" star Matt: DAMON

40 Word with print or note: FOOT

41 Word of dissent: NAY

42 Late NBA legend, familiarly: KOBE

43 Mopey states: SULKS

44 "Maus" is the only one to win a Pulitzer Prize (1992): GRAPHICNOVEL

48 Caps, e.g.: HATS

49 Certain agent's area: REALTY

52 Corrective surgery acronym: LASIK

55 Took a load off: SAT

56 The Beatles' "__ Leaving Home": SHES

58 Music industry advisory ... and a warning that may result from misinterpreting this puzzle's theme? EXPLICITCONTENT

62 Doorstep delivery, at times? NOEL

63 October birthstone: OPAL

64 Main line: AORTA

65 One of Snoopy's brothers: ANDY

66 Bunyan's blue ox: BABE

67 Fishing tool: SPEAR


1 Principal: ARCH

2 Fishing gear: LURES

3 Habituate: ENURE

4 Expected loser: UNDERDOG

5 Sheridan of "Ready Player One": TYE

6 Most arid: DRIEST

7 Fit: ABLE

8 Bone in the torso: RIB

9 Screeners at LAX: TSA

10 Not on target: ERRANT

11 Daft Punk, for one: DUET

12 Fashion magazine since 1945: ELLE

13 Condition suffix: NESS

18 One more time: OVER

19 Stadium sounds: ROARS

24 Contend: VIE

25 ROFL cousin: LMAO

26 Bring in: EARN

28 Coastal Arab country: YEMEN

29 One on a fan site: IDOL

30 Cozy spot: NOOK

31 DBs' stats: INTS

32 Little kick: TANG

33 Petri dish filler: AGAR

34 Georgetown athlete: HOYA

38 "Just __!": DOIT

39 Basics: ABCS

40 Brit's period: FULLSTOP

42 Bold-sounding trouser material: KHAKI

43 Coral __: SEA

45 City famous for cheesesteaks, informally: PHILLY

46 Soothsayer: ORACLE

47 Kill, as a bill: VETO

50 "VoilĖ†!": THERE

51 Gossip spreader: YENTA

52 "Master of None" Emmy-winning writer Waithe: LENA

53 Nerve cell part: AXON

54 Hustled: SPED

55 Guess: STAB

57 Common flag feature: STAR

59 Corn throwaway: COB

60 Pub pick: IPA

61 "King's Disease" Grammy-winning rapper: NAS

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