LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 23 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Program shutdown of last resort: FORCEQUIT

10 Like hair needing more rinsing: SUDSY

15 Shares secrets with: OPENSUPTO

16 Champs-Élysées lunch choice: CREPE

17 Spring roll wrapping: RICEPAPER

18 "The Tetons and the Snake River" photographer Adams: ANSEL

19 Hardware item: TNUT

20 "The Office" actress Ellie: KEMPER

22 Zip in your step: PEP

23 "__ Majesty": "Abbey Road" track: HER

24 Hung in there: PERSEVERED

26 Cool: RAD

27 Rewards: DESERTS

29 Pan flying: PETER

32 Aquatic diver: LOON

34 Hawaiian staple: TARO

35 Iowa college town: AMES

36 Hills complement: DALES

37 Cylindrical cheese: EDAM

38 Word on a door: PUSH

39 "A Holly Jolly Christmas" singer: IVES

40 Wed on the sly: ELOPE

41 Home of the Curve, the Pirates' Double-A team: ALTOONA

43 Milk purch.: GAL


47 Clean Water Act org.: EPA

50 Support: AID

51 Ill-__: like a poor clay model: SHAPEN

52 Cultivated: GREW

53 Ruler's domain? ROOST

55 In direct competition: MANOAMANO

57 Get used (to): INURE

58 Senior's elaborate ask: PROMPOSAL

59 Notable Titanic casualty: ASTOR

60 Crumbly toppings: STREUSELS


1 Tenth word of the Gettysburg Address: FORTH

2 Speak up: OPINE

3 Come again: RECUR

4 Tech review site: CNET

5 Medium claim: ESP

6 Shook: QUAKED

7 Michigan's __ Peninsula: UPPER

8 They may follow bullets: ITEMS

9 Undermines: TORPEDOES

10 Close ones: SCARES

11 Item near a sugar bowl, perhaps: URN

12 Eagles title antihero: DESPERADO

13 Cop's surprise: SPEEDTRAP

14 Site with many pans: YELP

21 Ties up: EVENS

24 Putt-putt standard: PAR

25 Share around the campfire, say: RETELL

26 Work on hooves: RESHOE

28 "Have __": SOME

29 Tevye, to Tzeitel: PAPA

30 Mayonnaise and salad dressing: EMULSIONS


32 Illumination with a blob: LAVALAMPS

33 Bullfight holler: OLE

36 "Empty Nest" actress Manoff: DINAH

40 Cup handle: EAR

42 World metaphor, in Shakespeare: OYSTER

43 Mapping subject: GENOME

45 Disassembled: APART

46 Domingo, e.g.: TENOR

47 Remove entirely: ERASE

48 Correctional: PENAL

49 Some mil. absentees: AWOLS

50 Bizet's "Habanera," for one: ARIA

52 Scientifically engineered crops, for short: GMOS

54 "Sold out" sign: SRO

56 Toon shopkeeper who once worked a 96-hour shift: APU

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