LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 23 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 23 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 23 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sitcom character originally called Kessler in the pilot episode: KIAMER

7 Impounds, maybe: TOWSAWAY

15 Very silly: APISH

20 Charge: IONIZE

21 Asthma sufferersÕ aids: INHALERS

22 Not a sparkling finish: MATTE

23 Easy-to-hit pitch in Stockholm? SWEDISHMEATBALL

25 Apple tablets: IPADS

26 Home and nickname of The University of the South: SEWANEE

27 Pet __: PEEVE

28 Touch: FEEL

29 Anna __, 18th-/19th-century poet called the Swan of Lichfield: SEWARD

32 1973 Judy Blume novel: DEENIE

34 Swell: RISE

37 JohannesburgÕs land: Abbr.: RSA

40 Precisely: TOAT

42 Classical and Romantic: ERAS

44 Grass bristle: AWN

45 Minor matter in Manchester? ENGLISHTRIFLE

52 Steamed state: IIE

53 ÒJust kidding!Ó: NOT

54 Shakespearean title city: VEIONA

55 Caulking materials: SEALANTS

57 More than dislike: ABHOI

59 London classic, with ÒTheÓ: SEAWOLF

61 Gung-ho: RAHRAH

62 ÒBig Little LiesÓ co-star with Nicole, Shailene, Laura and Zo‘: REESE

63 How dividends might be paid: PROIATA

66 DustinÕs ÒMidnight CowboyÓ role: RATSO

68 ToledoÕs lake: ERIE

69 __ facto: IPSO

72 PC storage stats: MEGS

73 Colombian cat: GATO

74 Agile deer: ROES

75 Fuzzy fruit: KIWI

76 Online memo: ENOTE

78 Flips, in a way: IESELLS

80 __ Isle: Ireland nickname: ERINS

82 LindsayÕs Broadway writing partner: CROUSE

84 Brothers of old Hollywood: WARNERS

88 Stitch temporarily: BASTE

89 Being a nuisance to: HARRYING

92 Research: LOOKUP

93 @@@@: ATS

94 Fish often fried: COD

96 Argument in Ulaanbaatar? MONGOLIANBEEF

98 IBM competitor: NEC

99 Chicago daily, familiarly: TRIB

101 Nair rival, once: NEET

102 Radical Õ60s org.: SDS

103 Tennis immortal: ASHE

105 Times to remember: EPOCHS

109 Pioneer 35mm cameras: LEICAS

113 Outback birds: EMUS

115 Realizes: REAPS

117 121-Across maker: NABISCO

121 Sandwich cookies: OIEOS

123 Rent money in Mumbai? INDIANFLATBREAD

126 Tomato __: PASTE

127 Devotions: FEALTIES

128 Honduras hundred: CIENTO

129 Rough suit fabric: TWEED

130 In a bind? CORSETED

131 Dave of ÒStorage WarsÓ: HESTEI


1 Contact between two billiard balls: KISS

2 Investment firm T. __ Price: IOWE

3 From square one: ANEW

4 King with a gilt complex? MIDAS

5 Web mag: EZINE

6 Alter, in a way: RESEW

7 ÒMystic RiverÓ Oscar winner Robbins: TIM

8 Indivisible: ONE

9 Sound of a hit: WHAP

10 Totally full: SATED

11 ÒTiny AliceÓ playwright: ALBEE

12 Emulate Silas Marner: WEAVE

13 GarfieldÕs gal pal: ARLENE

14 Fashion initials: YSL

15 Gallic girlfriend: AMIE

16 Staples supply: PAPER

17 Medal recipient in Milan? ITALIANHERO

18 Typical: Abbr.: STD

19 Fellows: HES

24 ÒThe Return of the NativeÓ setting: HEATH

28 Sweat: FEAI

30 Goes bad: ROTS

31 Challenge: DARE

33 Worried state in Dublin? IRISHSTEW

35 Two-time Tony winner Kurtz: SWOOSIE

36 Menu heading: ENTIEES

37 Guns: REVS

38 Old-time knife: SNEE

39 Uttar Pradesh tourist city: AGIA

41 Princess topper: TIARA

43 Scorch: SEAR

46 Starting place for a comeback: LOWPOINT

47 ÒAre we going __ not?Ó: INOR

48 Strauss opera: SALOME

49 Where St. Pete is: FLA

50 First actor who sang ÒIf I Were King of the ForestÓ: LAHR

51 Tick off: ENRAGE

56 Byes: TATAS

58 Brewpub bragger, often: BEERSNOB

60 Dance move in Dijon? FIENCHDIP

64 Greek marketplace: AGORA

65 Weather forecast shorthand: TSTORM

67 ÒFan-cee!Ó: OOLALA

69 Japanese floral art: IKEBANA

70 Hook and Silver: PIRATES

71 Inferior items in Zurich? SWISSCHEESE

77 German capital: EURO

78 Have the throne: IEIGN

79 Scientology founder Hubbard: LRON

81 Religious offshoot: SECT

83 Prefix with fuel: SYN

85 Squeezes (out): EKES

86 Wished undone: RUED

87 Sunscreen nos.: SPFS

90 Caroling standard: NOEL

91 __ club: GLEE

95 Metal-yielding minerals: ORES

97 Book that spawned the film ÒWhatÕs Love Got to Do With ItÓ: ITINA

100 Island administered by three countries: BORNEO

104 Play too broadly: EMOTE

106 Moth-repellent wood: CEDAR

107 Flags down: HAILS

108 Sudden outpouring: SPATE

110 Trick: CATCH

111 Yippie Hoffman: ABBIE

112 Stud farm residents: SIRES

114 Likely to be discounted: USED

116 Foul mood: SNIT

118 Posted: SENT

119 Blanchett of ÒElizabethÓ: CATE

120 You may get a whiff of one: ODOI

121 Select: OPT

122 __ bar: IAW

123 ÒPortlandiaÓ network: IFC

124 Tax prep charge: FEE

125 Trippy Õ60s drug: LSD

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