LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 23 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 23 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 23 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 D.C. insider: POL

4 Anxious feeling: ANGST

9 "Silent Night" words before calm and bright: ALLIS

14 Actress Gardner: AVA

15 More rational: SANER

16 Africa's Sierra __: LEONE

17 "Star Wars" sequel trilogy heroine: REY

18 Spicy condiment: PEPPERSAUCE

20 Pay off illicitly: BRIBE

22 How a scary-movie watcher might recoil: INHORROR

23 Astronaut's milieu: OUTERSPACE

26 Deserved, as recognition: DUE

27 Keep separate from the rest: ISOLATE

28 Restaurant chain with an owl logo: HOOTERS

31 Horne of jazz: LENA

32 In the manner of: ALA

34 Oktober endings: FESTS

35 Lawn areas lacking grass: BARESPOTS

39 Perth __, NJ: AMBOY

42 LBJ's boy beagle: HIM

43 Big brass: TUBA

47 Greets with guffaws: ROARSAT

50 Features of some cruise ships: CASINOS

52 Heavy weight: TON

53 NYC's World Financial Center architect: CESARPELLI

55 Working together as one: INTANDEM

58 '90s candidate __ Perot: HROSS

59 Coins in one's pocket ... and what literally happens in each set of circles: SPARECHANGE

62 When doubled, a Latin dance: CHA

63 Fix in the crosshairs: AIMAT

64 Knighted composer Edward: ELGAR

65 Showy pond fish: KOI

66 Stacks like Tupperware: NESTS

67 Wed on the sly: ELOPE

68 Vicious with a bass: SID


1 Partially cook, as rice: PARBOIL

2 Employ excessively, as muscles: OVERUSE

3 Overdo the flattery: LAYITON

4 Last word of Kansas' motto: ASPERA

5 Macduff rebuff: NAE

6 Econ. measure: GNP

7 Old photo hue: SEPIA

8 Battlefield furrow: TRENCH

9 "What's more ... ": ALSO

10 Norman who created Archie and Edith Bunker: LEAR

11 French pilgrimage site: LOURDES

12 Trying a case, say: INCOURT

13 Prophetic woman: SEERESS

19 Prefix with stat: RHEO

21 Overdo, as a point: BELABOR

24 Twinkler: STAR

25 Soccer standout: PELE

29 Frequently, to a bard: OFT

30 More irritable: TESTIER

33 Fireplace grate buildup: ASH

36 Shakespearean cries: AYS

37 12-point type: PICA

38 Actor Epps: OMAR

39 Craftsperson: ARTISAN

40 Marshmallowy treat: MOONPIE

41 Little chickens: BANTAMS

44 Disengages the bolt for, as a door: UNLOCKS

45 Russian ballet company: BOLSHOI

46 "Let me reiterate ... ": ASISAID

48 "High Voltage" band: ACDC

49 Far from a guffaw: TEEHEE

51 Round figure: SPHERE

54 Little: SMALL

56 "I smell __!": ARAT

57 Ping-Pong supplies: NETS

60 Private aid prog.: NGO

61 Space between outfielders: GAP

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