LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 23 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 23 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Victoria's Secret purchase: BRA

4 US Open stadium named for a US Open winner: ASHE

8 Calm: SEDATE

14 Couple's word: OUR

15 Ostrich relative: RHEA

16 Swaps: TRADES

17 Treats for a comedian? SNICKERS

19 Scold harshly: RAILAT

20 Blacken on the outside: SEAR

21 Name in the makeup aisle: ESTEE

23 Mars rover org.: NASA

24 Young newt: EFT

26 Treats for a teacher? SMARTIES

28 Headboard pole: BEDPOST

32 "I'm down with that": OKAY

33 More likely to cause skidding: ICIER

34 Santa's reindeer, e.g.: OCTET

36 Family game room: DEN

39 Semicircle, e.g.: ARC

40 Treats for an oil tycoon? GUSHERS

42 Wild way to go: APE

43 Lawyer's advice: SUE

44 Prefix with personal: INTER

45 Blender maker: OSTER

47 "True Detective" rating: TVMA

48 Browned in butter: SAUTEED

50 Treats for a submarine pilot? WARHEADS

54 Pontiac muscle car: GTO

55 Way out there: AFAR

56 Bel __: creamy cheese: PAESE

58 Miranda __ of "Homeland": OTTO

62 Destroyed, as documents: TOREUP

64 Treats for a fisher? WHOPPERS

66 Clothes line: CREASE

67 Snakelike fish: EELS

68 Feel crummy: AIL

69 Drove on the trail: HERDED

70 Some stay at home: DADS

71 Pooh pal: ROO


1 Supervisor: BOSS

2 Old character: RUNE

3 Bizet's "Habanera," e.g.: ARIA

4 Genesis vessel: ARK

5 Units in a ream: SHEETS

6 "His," to Bierce: HERS

7 Bridge seats: EASTS

8 Runner in the raw: STREAKER

9 Victorian __: ERA

10 Like porcelain teacups: DAINTY

11 Estes' ticket-mate: ADLAI

12 Give body to, as hair: TEASE

13 "ÀC—mo __?": ESTAS

18 __ de chine: light fabric: CREPE

22 Actors, often: EMOTERS

25 Let bygones be bygones: FORGIVE

27 Informs on: RATSOUT

28 Media critic's concern: BIAS

29 Linen hue: ECRU

30 They're spotted in casinos: DICE

31 Taqueria order: TOSTADA

35 Michael of "SNL": CHE

36 "It's a __!": DATE

37 Weapon with two accents: EPEE

38 Unlikely candidate for prom king: NERD

41 Not charted: UNMAPPED

46 Brownstone porch: STOOP

47 Fine line: THREAD

49 Antediluvian: AGEOLD

50 Item on a wrist: WATCH

51 Earlier than, to poets: AFORE

52 Not as common: RARER

53 Put in stitches: SEWED

57 Miracle Mets' stadium: SHEA

59 Drop from an eye: TEAR

60 Jazz __: TRIO

61 Sonja Henie's birthplace: OSLO

63 Play for a sap: USE

65 Message afterthoughts: Abbr.: PSS

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