LA Times Crossword answers Friday 23 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 23 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 23 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ancient wizard: MAGE

5 Serbian-born NBA center __ Jokic: NIKOLA

11 Fella: BRO

14 Speck: ATOM

15 Bordeaux wine: CLARET

16 Narrow inlet: RIA

17 Grasslands around Dakar? SENEGALLEAS

19 Petition: ASK

20 High ranges: SIERRAS

21 Holder of 61 NHL records: GRETZKY

23 Chamber group: TRIO

24 Comet relative: BONAMI

25 Retire: TURNIN

28 Jessica of "Dark Angel": ALBA

31 Winter vacation purchase: SKIPASS

33 Part of a late 1900s demographic: GENYER

35 "The Simpsons" storekeeper: APU

36 Feature of a map of Baghdad? IRAQKEY

38 MD treating canals: ENT

39 Oklahoma tribe: PAWNEE

41 Accidental: UNMEANT

43 Genesis twin: ESAU

44 Middle of a three-part start: GETSET

45 Subtly points out: INFERS

48 Present time? XMAS

51 Uniform concern, maybe: HATSIZE

53 Late author whose daughter wrote, "As far as we in the family are concerned, the alphabet now ends in Y": GRAFTON

56 Behave: ACT

57 Laid-back attitude in Hanoi? VIETNAMEASE

59 Charlotte of "The Facts of Life": RAE

60 Bivouac: ENCAMP

61 Times past: ERAS

62 Uma's "Pulp Fiction" role: MIA

63 Perceived to be: SEENAS

64 Caesar and others: SIDS


1 One side of a physics equivalence principle: MASS

2 Bit the dust: ATEIT

3 One with no hope: GONER

4 Honored retirees: EMERITI

5 Indiana-based sports org.: NCAA

6 Troubles: ILLS

7 Penn of "House": KAL

8 Crater Lake locale: OREGON

9 Hear (of): LEARN

10 Without a clue: ATSEA

11 Longing in S‹o Paulo? BRAZILYEN

12 Take a shot at: RISK

13 Wine nuance word: OAKY

18 Exuberant fan: GROUPIE

22 IRS agent: TMAN

24 Fish restaurant offerings: BISQUES

26 Unusual: RARE

27 Eavesdropping org.: NSA

29 Twisted: BENT

30 Focus for some collectors: ART

31 Watering holes: SPAS

32 Hot spot in Al Ahmadi? KUWAITTEA

33 Masterpieces: GEMS

34 Test involving gradually longer lines: EYEEXAM

35 Mimic: APE

37 Round Table VIP: KNT

40 Creatures of habit? NUNS

42 Some bank acct. charges: ATMFEES

44 Homer's home: GREECE

46 Fins: FIVES

47 Slate, for one: EZINE

49 Original Flashback games console designer: ATARI

50 "What a pity": SOSAD

51 Wrong: HARM

52 Smoothie fruit: ACAI

53 Fed. lending agency: GNMA

54 Criticizes: RAPS

55 Storied loch: NESS

58 Brown shade: TAN

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