LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 23 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 23 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Yellow __: LAB

4 Keen: AVID

8 Best Actress Oscar winner before Hepburn's last such award: SPACEK

14 Wong of "American Housewife": ALI

15 Elaborate theater: MOVIEPALACE

17 Yank: TUG

18 Green juice source: CLEANENERGY

19 Aptly nicknamed section of D.C.'s Massachusetts Avenue: EMBASSYROW

21 Campus cadet org.: ROTC

22 Sniffish sort: SNOB

23 Research outpost co-developed by NASA: ISS

24 Rural expanse: LEA

25 Hoaxes perpetrated by IRS impostors: TAXSCAMS

29 Not right: AMISS

31 Sedimentary rock, from the Greek for "egg": OOLITE

33 French toast part: SANTE

34 Exposes: TELLSON

37 Olds until 1999: CUTLASS

39 Deep animosity: ODIUM

40 Show deference, in a way: GROVEL

42 "Law & Order" actor Jeremy: SISTO

43 Lawless: ANARCHIC

47 Wile E. Coyote's supply: TNT

48 "The Dutch House" author Patchett: ANN

50 Actress Chaplin: OONA

51 "Ri-i-i-ght": IBET

53 Test subjects: GUINEAPIGS

57 Frank Sinatra School of the Arts co-founder: TONYBENNETT

59 Tennis unit: SET

60 Many a superhero adaptation: ORIGINSTORY

61 Sully: TAR

62 Voiced: SONANT

63 First-class seat, often: ONEA

64 "It's a hit" letters: SRO


1 Cutting-edge: LATEST

2 Barnard grad, e.g.: ALUMNA

3 Walmart adjective: BIGBOX

4 Hornets of the '70s: AMCS

5 Knoxville-based SEC athletes: VOLS

6 "Hurlyburly" Tony winner Judith: IVEY

7 Anne Frank, say: DIARIST

8 Gushes: SPEWS

9 Rave's opposite: PAN

10 Tiger or Twin, briefly: ALER

11 State name in a James Taylor classic: CAROLINA

12 Beat reporters? ECGTESTS

13 Accessories that preserve your access: KEYCASES

16 1961 space chimp: ENOS

20 Popular vodka brand: ABSOLUT

26 Vodka drink, briefly: COSMO

27 Teléfono greeting: ALO

28 Artistic dynasty: MING

29 Late bloomer: ASTER

30 Shoplifter's concern: MALLCOP

32 B-school course: ECON

34 Snack that comes in Rounds and Triangles: TOSTITOS

35 Pennsylvania's __ University, home of the Fighting Scots: EDINBORO

36 Work with taps, maybe: LISTENIN

38 Where RFK got his LLB: UVA

41 Met unexpectedly: RANINTO

44 Lifting things: HOISTS

45 Engaged: INGEAR

46 Julián __, HUD secretary under Obama: CASTRO

48 Broker: AGENT

49 Meryl Streep and Amy Adams played them in "Doubt" (2008): NUNS

52 "Rack City" rapper: TYGA

54 Noble gas: NEON

55 To be, in Toulouse: ETRE

56 "Back __!": ATYA

58 Storage unit: BIN

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