LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 April 2017

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Los Angeles Times 24 April 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 April 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Keebler cracker: ZESTA

6 Hotel employee: MAID

10 Consequently: THUS

14 Reference containing insets: ATLAS

15 Big name in luxury hotels: OMNI

16 What some hogs hog, with "the": ROAD

17 Sheet for plotting in math class: GRAPHPAPER

19 Rich rocks: ORES

20 Added to the collection plate: GAVE

21 Scrutinizes: INSPECTS

23 Menlo Park inventor: EDISON

25 Fort Worth sch.: TCU

26 Prohibition __: ERA

29 Advent mo.: DEC

30 Silent approvals: NODS

33 Author Capote: TRUMAN

35 Gridiron pass-defense scheme: ZONECOVERAGE

37 Brand for Fido: ALPO

40 Misspell or misspeak: ERR

41 Nibble (on): GNAW

42 TV series starter: PILOTEPISODE

47 Points a finger at: BLAMES

48 Decant: POUR

49 Soft slip-on: MOC

52 Traditional Asian sauce base: SOY

53 Seventh Greek letter: ETA

55 One-named Tejano singer: SELENA

57 Eggs __: brunch dish: BENEDICT

61 General Bradley: OMAR

62 Object of adoration: IDOL

64 Market research target: FOCUSGROUP

66 Door openers: KEYS

67 Provide a fake alibi for, say: ABET

68 Come together: UNITE

69 Minimal effort: EASE

70 Storied loch: NESS

71 Mystic's deck: TAROT


1 Took a sharp turn: ZAGGED

2 Online financial site: ETRADE

3 Like Croats and Serbs: SLAVIC

4 Carton sealers: TAPES

5 Volcanic debris: ASH

6 Reaction to a bad pun: MOAN

7 Miami Sound Machine sound machines: AMPS

8 Klutzy: INEPT

9 Dish Network competitor: DIRECTV

10 Jogger's pace: TROT

11 Member of the Apocalypse quartet: HORSEMAN

12 Abu Dhabi's fed.: UAE

13 Militant '60s campus org.: SDS

18 Attach, as a name tag: PINON

22 Restore to health: CURE

24 Tokyo-born Yoko: ONO

27 Hindu melody: RAGA

28 From the beginning: ANEW

31 Like the diving-board end of the pool: DEEP

32 Rx, for short: SCRIP

34 Hard-to-resist impulse: URGE

35 Go like heck: ZOOM

36 Estimate words: ORSO

37 BOLO equivalents: APBS

38 Disney's "__ & Stitch": LILO

39 Don Juans: PLAYBOYS

43 Many a manga fan: TEEN

44 "Coming Out of the Dark" singer Gloria: ESTEFAN

45 Expels by force: OUSTS

46 Dr. with Grammys: DRE

49 Life story: MEMOIR

50 Running by itself, and where the first words of 17-, 35-, 42- and 64-Across can be placed: ONAUTO

51 "Magic" transport: CARPET

54 Photoshop maker: ADOBE

56 Doone of fiction: LORNA

58 Otherwise: ELSE

59 Puts frosting on: ICES

60 Scissors snips: CUTS

62 Cold War prez: IKE

63 Org. busting dealers: DEA

65 __ reaction: instinctive feeling: GUT

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