LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 24 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 24 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 24 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Keepsake containers: CHESTS

7 Biological pouch: SAC

10 "I'm up for it!": LETS

14 Change in a big way: REWORK

15 Santa __ winds: ANA

16 Singer Adams: EDIE

17 World's largest peninsula: ARABIA

18 Antagonist in many le CarrĊ½ novels: KGBAGENT

20 Nemesis: BANE

21 Teeny-tiny fraction: TRILLIONTH

23 "Better Call Saul" actress Seehorn: RHEA

25 Wrigglers sought by snigglers: EELS

26 Demean: ABASE

29 Floating ice hazard: BERG

31 Hearing things? EARS

35 Leader of a flock: Abbr.: REV

36 Remote precursor: DIAL

38 Hooch: ROTGUT

40 Sport-__: UTE

41 Oatmeal-crusted treat: DATEBAR

43 12 meses: ANO

44 Uproarious confusion: BEDLAM

46 Places to shoot hoops: GYMS

47 Big kahuna: VIP

48 Jai __: ALAI

49 Places, as a bet: LAYS

51 Signs of the future: OMENS

53 Those opposing us: THEM

55 Counting-out word: EENY

57 Seven-sided: HEPTAGONAL

61 Saintly glow: HALO

65 "Madame Bovary" subject: ADULTERY

66 Competitive edge, as illustrated in the answers to starred clues from left to right: ALEGUP

68 Steady look: GAZE

69 Bridal bio word: NEE

70 Excitedly unwrapped: TOREAT

71 Layer over some cities: SMOG

72 Mar.-to-Nov. hrs.: DST

73 Genesis follower: EXODUS


1 __ bisque: CRAB

2 Mount Olympus queen: HERA

3 McGregor of "Christopher Robin": EWAN

4 Sleeps it off, with "up": SOBERS

5 Prefix with atomic: TRI

6 Circle the rink: SKATE

7 H.H. Munro's pseudonym: SAKI

8 One opening a can of worms? ANGLER

9 *Telegraphed message: CABLEGRAM

10 *346-piece Big Ben, e.g.: LEGOSET

11 Paradise: EDEN

12 Salon treatment: TINT

13 Meyers of "Late Night": SETH

19 Have a bug: AIL

22 Moroccan capital: RABAT

24 Gossip columnist Hopper: HEDDA

26 Dutch-speaking Caribbean island: ARUBA

27 Asian palm nut: BETEL

28 "Plant-powered" hair care brand: AVEDA

30 *Gray wrote one in a country churchyard: ELEGY

32 Tequila source: AGAVE

33 Scrap: RUNIN

34 Puts an end to: STOPS

37 *Post-apocalyptic Will Smith film: IAMLEGEND

39 Welles who played Kane: ORSON

42 What "two" meant to Paul Revere: BYSEA

45 *What makes Guy a guy? LITTLEG

50 Ovid collection: AMORES

52 "You saved me!": MYHERO

54 Tipped top: HAT

56 Make very happy: ELATE

57 Fairy tale crones: HAGS

58 Paraffin-coated cheese: EDAM

59 "The Godfather" novelist: PUZO

60 Nureyev's no: NYET

62 On in years: AGED

63 Tropical party: LUAU

64 Chooses: OPTS

67 Bagel topper: LOX

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