LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 24 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 35th pres.: JFK

4 Smaller-than-life depiction: ICON

8 Larger-than-life creations: COLOSSI

15 Spleen: IRE

16 Hilo shindig: LUAU

17 Put into play: ENACTED

18 "The Shape of Water" director: GUILLERMODELTORO

21 Construction __: SITE

22 Below 71-Across: BLAH

23 "Frontline" network: PBS

24 What a pursuer seeks to narrow: THEGAP

28 Evergreen shrubs: ERICAS

31 Meat on a stick: KEBAB

33 English "L'chaim!": TOLIFE

36 Pack animal: ASS

39 "Gimme the skinny!": TELLIT

42 Stiff: RIGID

43 Snapchat marketing expert, in modern lingo: SOCIALMEDIANINJA

46 Northern Iraqis: KURDS

47 Below 71-Across: SUBPAR

48 Virtual-city denizen: SIM

49 __ column: SPINAL

51 Cabbage in a French café? EUROS

53 Long trip: VOYAGE

56 Old tankard metal: PEWTER

59 Suffix for but-: ANE

61 Rolling rock? LAVA

63 High pair: ACES

65 "Watch your mouth!": DONTGIVEMEANYLIP

71 Garden-variety, and a hint to what's hidden in 18-, 43- and 65-Across: AVERAGE

72 Below 71-Across: POOR

73 In bygone days: AGO

74 __ status: MARITAL

75 Ward with awards: SELA

76 Explosive stuff: TNT


1 Lively dances: JIGS

2 __ Roll-Ups: FRUIT

3 Urban of country: KEITH

4 Not well: ILL

5 Numberless type of ball: CUE

6 Pole in a lock: OAR

7 Indifferent: NUMB

8 Chest material: CEDAR

9 Like some wonders: ONEHIT

10 LeBron's team, on scoreboards: LAL

11 World Series mo.: OCT

12 Corner quartet, perhaps: STOPSIGNS

13 Balkan native: SERB

14 Altar words: IDOS

19 Welsh national emblem: LEEK

20 Cheer for a banderillero: OLE

25 Have one's chance to speak: GETASAY

26 Genesis victim: ABEL

27 Conceals, in a way: PALMS

29 Stylist's braid: CORNROW

30 Others, in Latin: ALII

32 French flag couleur: BLEU

34 Island nation whose flag has a Union Jack on it: FIJI

35 Dutch cheese: EDAM

36 Seeks permission: ASKS

37 Common stock option? SOUP

38 Bartleby, notably: SCRIVENER

40 "__ delighted!": IDBE

41 Hold higher, as a baby bottle: TIPUP

44 License fig.: IDNO

45 Swiss river: AARE

50 Spanish soccer association that means "the league": LALIGA

52 Command to Fido: STAY

54 Bench mallet: GAVEL

55 Christmas __: EVE

57 Conspicuous display: ECLAT

58 Hold sway: REIGN

59 Savage of "MythBusters": ADAM

60 Super star: NOVA

62 Roadie's haul: AMPS

64 Stain: SPOT

66 Prefix with angle or athlete: TRI

67 Noir weapon: GAT

68 Fair-hiring initials: EOE

69 Co. that bought Netscape in 1999: AOL

70 Food service trade org.: NRA

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