LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 24 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 24 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Yielding no interest? HOHUM

6 Fight stopper: KAYO

10 Beginning on: ASOF

14 Vonnegut literary device: IRONY

15 Old-fashioned leaves? HIES

16 Polynesian beverage: KAVA

17 Comic-Con attendees: NERDS


20 Self-declared republic in Ukraine: DONETSK

22 Breakfast on the go, perhaps: POPTART

23 No real friend: USER

24 Shop __ you drop: TIL

26 Lacked alternatives: HADTO

27 Blue Jays, in crawls: TOR

29 Omega, to an electrician: OHM

32 Bass appendage: FIN

33 Residential cliché: HOMESWEETHOME

37 How a close race may go: DOWNTOTHEWIRE

38 It gets last licks: POPSICLESTICK

39 "__ dreaming?": AMI

40 Ad trailer? HOC

41 Rival sch. of Duke: UNC

42 What closers often open, with "the": NINTH

45 Cool: HEP

47 Some fancy sheepskin boots: UGGS

51 Make an impression on? ENGRAVE

54 It helps a mouse communicate: USBPORT

56 Candy in a roll: LIFESAVER

58 Difficult high school sci. course: APBIO

59 Subj. for Janet Yellen: ECON

60 Pixar clownfish: NEMO

61 Latin lover's declaration: TEAMO

62 Pointed missile: DART

63 Fangorn Forest creatures: ENTS

64 Barely avoided tying: EDGED


1 Many an Indian: HINDU

2 Two-wafer snacks: OREOS

3 Mezzo Marilyn: HORNE

4 Sneaky currents: UNDERTOWS

5 Computer game title island: MYST

6 Base shade? KHAKI

7 Afflict: AIL

8 It acquired SeatMe in 2013: YELP

9 Bone on a menu: OSSO

10 Husky relative: AKITA

11 Piece of silver: SALADFORK

12 Extended work period: OVERTIME

13 Bit of deceit: FASTONE

19 Letters on a dashboard: MPH

21 Period of time: STRETCH

25 Like landlines, nowadays: LOWTECH

28 Official hotel of the PGA Tour: OMNI

30 Sneaky snickers: HEHS

31 Informal get-togethers: MEETUPS

33 Anticipating: HOPINGFOR

34 With no assistance: SOLO

35 __ bed: TWIN

36 Slightly malfunctioned: HICCUPPED

37 Caribbean island country: DOMINICA

38 Like some office walls: PANELED

43 16th-century council setting: TRENT

44 Attacks, with "at": HAS

46 Mark replacements: EUROS

48 Evacuee's emergency kit: GOBAG

49 Tide target: GRIME

50 Got off one's rocker? STOOD

52 Windmill part: VANE

53 Tied up: EVEN

55 Lessen in intensity: BATE

57 Home delivery asst., perhaps: EMT

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