LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 24 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 24 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 24 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Paulson of "American Crime Story": SARAH

6 Remove one's name from, as on Facebook: UNTAG

11 __ one's time: BIDE

15 Ooze: SEEP

19 Steered: DROVE

20 Ma Rainey player Davis: VIOLA

21 Ones in wool coats: EWES

22 Muscle car rod: AXLE

23 Holiday-themed minifigures in LEGO Advent calendars? SMALLSANTAS

25 __ bean: FAVA

26 Muscle car roof: TTOP

27 Like Zippo lighters and Maglite flashlights: USMADE

28 Not for keeps: ONLOAN

30 Major reversals: UTURNS

32 Whole Foods section: BULK

34 Leaves off: OMITS

36 Pulitzer-winning Glass: IRA

37 Club kin: BLT

40 Formal complaints about a sommelier's recommendations? PAIRINGGRIEVANCES

47 "I'm all __!": EARS

49 "Kiss Me Deadly" singer Ford: LITA

50 __ Vogue: TEEN

51 TV pioneer: RCA

52 "You're not allowed to feel that way!," e.g.? EMOTIONDENIED

58 "__ Eleven": Emily St. John Mandel novel: STATION

60 Furniture wood: REDELM

61 Bite: MORSEL

63 Tierra en el mar: ISLA

64 Post, as on a bulletin board: PINUP

67 Gold unit: KARAT

69 Photo filter: SEPIA

70 Tale of the hora? CHAIRRAISINGSTORY

74 Wasn't well: AILED

76 Ball of the Bulls: LONZO

77 Post-workout indulgence: SAUNA

78 Subj. for Elinor Ostrom and Emily Oster: ECON

79 Walks loudly: STOMPS

82 Five cents: NICKEL

86 Mosaic piece: TESSERA

90 Surfer's dream? IDEALBREAKERS

93 Born: NEE

94 Hershey candy in gold foil: ROLO

96 Skiing aid: POLE

97 Arcade name: SEGA

98 Way to manage the study of Ceres and Vesta? ASTEROIDTREATMENT

105 __ de crème: POT

106 Cheer for un gol: OLE

107 Vowel-rich first guess in Wordle: ADIEU

108 Growing concern: FARM

110 Plant pests: APHIDS

113 Did the tango: DANCED

116 Wet floor? SEABED

120 Print maker: FOOT

121 "Spring forward" unit: HOUR

123 Pretty but ineffective dressing? LACEBANDAGE

126 Apple variety: ROME

127 "Blackfish" killer whale: ORCA

128 Soap that floats: IVORY

129 Co-founder of A.A., familiarly: DRBOB

130 Metal bands? ORES

131 Sturdy trees: OAKS

132 Like flourless cake: DENSE

133 Naturally powered elevator? YEAST


1 California sch. near the Mexican border: SDSU

2 Vishnu's quartet: ARMS

3 Wander: ROAM

4 Meeting place for a H.S. film club: AVLAB

5 Prevented from being on time: HELDUP

6 Grape, in Spanish: UVA

7 Diarist Anaïs: NIN

8 "Africa" band: TOTO

9 "Doom Patrol" actor Tudyk: ALAN

10 Fixture in some patio firepits: GASLOG

11 "Hey now, that's unreasonable!": BEFAIR

12 "Gimme!": IWANTIT

13 Actor Patel: DEV

14 Genesis twin: ESAU

15 Planet with 53 named moons: SATURN

16 Bacon specification: EXTRACRISPY

17 North Carolina college town: ELON

18 Spices (up): PEPS

24 Ward with awards: SELA

29 "Egad," like, way updated: OMG

31 Disney princess voiced by Anika Noni Rose: TIANA

33 Pottery oven: KILN

35 Understands: SEES

37 Suds: BEER

38 Gold fabric: LAME

39 Stepped: TROD

41 Clear (of): RID

42 Thing: ITEM

43 Second start? NANO

44 One seeing Spots? VET

45 Gut bacteria: ECOLI

46 Yemen metropolis: SANAA

48 Dublin's St. __ Green: STEPHENS

53 Epic featuring Paris: ILIAD

54 Old Dodge: OMNI

55 Trying: IRKSOME

56 Morales of "Ozark": ESAI

57 Oscar winner Laura: DERN

59 Closet organizers: TIERACKS

62 Gets behind: LAGS

65 Short address: URL

66 All in favor: PROS

68 PreCheck org.: TSA

69 Justice Sotomayor: SONIA

70 Very relatable: CLOSETOHOME

71 Not behind: ANTI

72 Hilfiger rival: IZOD

73 Ditty: TUNE

74 Insurance giant: AETNA

75 Fruity frozen drinks: ICEES

80 "__ Loves Mambo": PAPA

81 Schedule opening: SLOT

83 Stay fresh: KEEP

84 Therefore: ERGO

85 Test with logic games: LSAT

87 Blundered: ERRED

88 Kanga's kid: ROO

89 Shawkat of "Arrested Development": ALIA

91 Civil rights initialism: BLM

92 Coral habitat: REEF

95 Idiosyncratic sort: ODDDUCK

99 Privileged few: ELITES

100 Twinkly toppers: TIARAS

101 Kylo of the "Star Wars" sequels: REN

102 Geometry giant: EUCLID

103 Org. that sent Juno to Jupiter: NASA

104 Fashionable: TRENDY

109 Sierra __: MADRE

110 Natural hairstyle: AFRO

111 Penniless: POOR

112 "Amscray!": SHOO

114 Roof trim: EAVE

115 Mousetrap brand: DCON

117 Dad, in Chinese: BABA

118 Challenges on the field: EGOS

119 Burden for many students: DEBT

122 British singer Rita: ORA

124 Trauma ctrs.: ERS

125 "Later, gator": BYE

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