LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 24 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 24 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 LBJ's vice president: HHH

4 Sponsor's tube spot: TVAD

8 Dracula stabber: STAKE

13 Tic-tac-toe winner: OOO

14 Glow: SHINE

15 One-on-one teacher: TUTOR

16 Fifth scale note: SOL

17 *A total failure "goes over like" one: LEADBALLOON

19 Arena overhead view provider: SKYCAM

21 Cowpoke's "okay": YUP

22 Tattoo artist's array: INKS

23 Stares open-mouthed: GAPES

25 Violent storm: TEMPEST

27 Eaten away by rust, say: CORRODED

30 More, in Mexico: MAS

31 Once more: AGAIN

32 Weather guy Al: ROKER

34 __ and cheese: MAC

37 Smooth-tongued: GLIB

38 Bird-related ... four of them have landed at the ends of the answers to starred clues: AVIAN

39 April 1 "honoree": FOOL

40 Slim fish often smoked: EEL

41 Itty-bitty: TEENY

42 Joltless java brand: SANKA

43 Tips container: JAR

44 Leather bookbinding material: GOATSKIN

46 Type of pub named for its unglamorous appearance: DIVEBAR

50 Blind pieces: SLATS

51 Greek goddess of discord: ERIS

52 Greek T: TAU

54 Financial word before year or policy: FISCAL

57 *Hotel chain with a geographical name: BESTWESTERN

60 Beer named for Washington's capital, briefly: OLY

61 Prefix with national: INTER

62 Covers with asphalt: PAVES

63 Was victorious: WON

64 Wet-eyed: TEARY

65 Roe source: SHAD

66 __ Luthor, Superman nemesis: LEX


1 Bulky "Bonanza" brother: HOSS

2 "Peter Pan" captain: HOOK

3 *Last Supper cup: HOLYGRAIL

4 Focused on a subject, as a crossword: THEMED

5 By way of: VIA

6 Artist Warhol: ANDY

7 First appearance: DEBUT

8 Cards, in box scores: STL

9 "Tiptoe Through the __": TULIPS

10 Make things right: ATONE

11 Goofballs: KOOKS

12 Dadaist Max: ERNST

14 Apply carelessly: SLAPON

18 Theoretical missing links: APEMEN

20 West Indies native: CARIB

24 Dish up, as a dish: SERVE

26 St. Patrick's mo.: MAR

27 Zoo enclosure: CAGE

28 Look at creepily: OGLE

29 Washing, as the dishes: DOING

33 Bout-ending blows: KAYOS

34 *Monastic hood: MONKSCOWL

35 Golfer Isao: AOKI

36 Scottish family: CLAN

38 Fizz up, as water: AERATE

39 Protests by not eating: FASTS

41 Saloon bill: TAB

42 Oil leak blemishes: STAINS

43 Court clown: JESTER

45 Director Hitchcock: ALFRED

46 Kind of bank card: DEBIT

47 Goodnight woman of song: IRENE

48 Panoramic view: VISTA

49 Carpenter's files: RASPS

53 Home of the Jazz: UTAH

55 Natural burn balm: ALOE

56 Bobcat, e.g.: LYNX

58 Dryly humorous: WRY

59 Little __, singer of the #1 hit "The Loco-Motion": EVA

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