LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 24 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 24 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 24 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Drains of energy: SAPS

5 Pay with a credit card: CHARGE

11 FDR's successor: HST

14 Gillette razor: ATRA

15 Alabama's cross-state rival: AUBURN

16 Par-three eagle: ACE

17 *Nutrition guide: FOODPYRAMID

19 Big coffee holder: URN

20 Battery terminals: ANODES

21 Chant for Real Madrid: OLEOLE

23 Send (to) for treatment: REFER

24 *Comprehensive personal philosophy: WORLDVIEW

27 Disney CEO Robert: IGER

28 Cross-shaped Greek letters: TAUS

29 Yardstick unit: INCH

30 Grass farm roll: SOD

31 Truth: FACT

32 Small boat: DINGHY

34 *Horse breeder's concern: BLOODLINE

36 Covent Garden productions: OPERAS

39 Driver's one-eighties: UIES

40 Gave birth to: HAD

43 CBS legal drama "The Good __": WIFE

44 Yardstick units: FEET

45 Novelist Caleb: CARR

46 *Figuratively, whence some unexpected ideas: LEFTFIELD

49 Mint family herb: THYME

50 Corkscrew pasta: ROTINI

51 Rose impressively: SOARED

52 Big name in ATMs: NCR

53 9:00 AM weekday event, typically ... and what the first word in the answers to starred clues can be: BANKOPENING

56 To this moment: YET

57 Lacking nothing: ENTIRE

58 Falco of "Nurse Jackie": EDIE

59 Insured investments: Abbr.: CDS

60 Ready for more action: RESTED

61 Run the show: LEAD


1 African adventures: SAFARIS

2 In a single try: ATONEGO

3 Checked for errors: PROOFED

4 More glum: SADDER

5 Little isles: CAYS

6 "Ben-__": Heston epic: HUR

7 Org. with many judges: ABA

8 Grapevine fodder: RUMORS

9 Barbecue: GRILL

10 Came to a close: ENDED

11 Semi activity: HAULING

12 With 36-Down, nocturnal bird with a shrill cry: SCREECH

13 Down-for-the-count count: TEN

18 Part of mph: PER

22 Like ewe, but not me: OVINE

24 City between Austin and Dallas: WACO

25 Best in an ŽpŽe match: OUTDUEL

26 Tot's query: WHY

28 New Mexico art colony: TAOS

31 Home of the SEC's Gators: FLA

32 Nutrition regimen: DIET

33 Officeholders: INS

34 One of hockey's Hulls: BRETT

35 Stretched the truth: LIED

36 See 12-Down: OWL

37 Poked a hole in: PIERCED

38 Concerted tries: EFFORTS

40 Fall outing in a wagon: HAYRIDE

41 Country south of Georgia: ARMENIA

42 Made deeper, as a shipping lane: DREDGED

44 Deceptive fencing moves: FEINTS

45 Coco of fashion: CHANEL

47 __ optic cable: FIBER

48 Completely absurd: INANE

49 Low digit: TOE

51 Went quickly: SPED

52 Home of MoMA: NYC

54 Hobbyist's buy: KIT

55 Smelter input: ORE

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