LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 24 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 24 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tbsp., for example: AMT

4 Touchy monarch? MIDAS

9 "United States of Al" network: CBS

12 "Very droll": HAHA

14 Representation: IMAGE

15 Edible seed: CHIA

16 Port near the Red Sea: ADEN

17 To date: ASYET

18 Wild party: ORGY

19 Near-EGOT winner Midler (she's missing the O): BETTE

21 Org. with admirals: USN

22 Reviews briefly: SKIMS

23 Gets gasps from: AWES

24 Bit of rebar: ROD

25 Philippine currency: PESO

26 Word often contracted: ARE

27 Text lead-in: PREFACE

30 "Oversharing!": TMI

32 Home of the Green Wave: TULANE

34 Shrewdness: ACUMEN

36 Inventing middle name: ALVA

37 Short two-pointer: TIPIN

41 "Critique of Judgment" author: KANT

42 Animals drawn in the Lascaux caves: DEER

43 Opposite of apr├Ęs: AVANT

44 Madrid pronoun: ESTO

45 Like email notifications: PAPERLESS

48 33-Down members: Abbr.: SRS

51 Update follower, perhaps: RESTART

52 "'And when I __ my lips let no dog bark!'": "The Merchant of Venice": OPE

55 Old TWA competitor: PANAM

57 Coastal raptor: ERN

58 Shady place: ARBOR

60 Signs: OMENS

61 __ al-Fitr: end-of-Ramadan feast: EID

62 Greek letter: THETA

63 Apple product: IPAD

64 "Therefore ... ": ANDSO

66 Natural resources: ORES

67 "Star Wars" role: LUKE

68 Star in Orion: RIGEL

69 "That's that!": DONE

70 1974 CIA spoof: SPYS

71 Word with home or bed: STEAD

72 Tiny crawlers: ANTS


1 Obsessed mariner: AHAB

2 Added to the official playbook: MADEARULE

3 Start of a seasonal title: THETWELVE

4 Fla. NBA team, on scoreboards: MIA

5 "Not a doubt in my mind": IMSURE

6 Title, part 2: DAYSOF

7 Chair's prep job: AGENDA

8 Wimbledon division: SET

9 End of the title: CHRISTMAS

10 Drumroll follower: BIGMOMENT

11 Comments: SAYS

13 Part of a pot: ANTE

15 Smelting fuel: COKE

20 "Around the Horn" airer: ESPN

22 It's risky to work on it: SPEC

26 Slightly: ATAD

28 Fix a messy package, say: RETAPE

29 Certain rider's pace: CANTER

31 Grooving on: INTO

33 Organization for 48-Across: AARP

35 Short strings? UKES

38 Comment about a familiar film: IVESEENIT

39 With the contents of this grid's circles, part of the refrain in 3-/6-/9-Down: PARTRIDGE

40 Salton, for one: INLANDSEA

46 __ control: ARMS

47 RBI, e.g.: STAT

48 Booty: SPOILS

49 Increase: RAMPUP

50 Not at all up-front: SNEAKY

52 Puck handler? OBERON

53 Strong: POTENT

54 Gets rid of: ERASES

56 Long range: ANDES

59 Mary's upstairs neighbor: RHODA

64 MGM motto word: ARS

65 Stale: OLD

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